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Decoding Pentesting Report Lingo: The Ultimate Glossary

You know that penetration tests are important to run— and that more and more companies are integrating them into their annual cybersecurity initiatives.

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication & How Does it Work?

It seems that everything we use these days requires a password. From email and social media accounts to everything in between, we always need a password to gain access. 

But it isn't as simple as just coming up with one password and using it for everything. At least, it would be best if you weren't doing that...

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How Social Engineers Use Your Digital Footprint Against You

Think of all the publicly accessible information about your business that’s published on the web— from your corporate social media accounts to your very own website. 

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What’s It Like to Work With a Computer Security Expert Witness?

Uh oh. Somehow you’ve found yourself in the middle of a security breach— and worse still, in legal trouble because of it. 

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Red Team Operations vs. Penetration Testing

It’s another new year, and another opportunity to tighten your ever-important security

With the threat landscape constantly evolving, you don’t need us to tell you that an annual penetration test is a must. 

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How to Find Cybersecurity Speakers for Your Digital Event

This past year, event planners have made a huge shift in the way they host events. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing events to go digital, bookers quickly left their old on-stage talent behind to focus exclusively on hosts experienced in online webinars, presentations, social events and workshops.

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The Anatomy of a Penetration Testing Report [An Infographic]

Experts across a myriad of industries will defend the value of performing a routine penetration test, but not all pentests are created equal. 

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How a Cybersecurity Speaker Can Provide Value in 2021

Another year has come and went. But this time, many of us are more than glad it’s finally over! 

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An Overview of the 2021 Vulnerability Researchers Hack

If you thought 2020 was a big year for social engineering schemes— watch out! Twenty twenty one is coming in hot.

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What Should You Budget for a Penetration Test? The True Cost

Budgeting for a penetration test shouldn't feel like rocket science. 

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