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Hear the "World's Most Famous Hacker," Kevin Mitnick's, Unique Insights On Cyber Security.

It’s no surprise that the world’s “Most Famous Hacker” became a wildly entertaining virtual keynote speaker on all matters cyber security.

Kevin Mitnick’s flair for showmanship and detailed demonstrations made his live cyber security education events truly a thing of magic. Here we bring you a collection of Kevin’s teachings, how they came to be, and how they can help you and your team learn the essentials to cyber security.


Cyber Security Training: The Mitnick Difference

Kevin’s Innovative Ideas and Expertise

Kevin was one of the pioneers of social engineering and spent a large portion of his life innovating social engineering methodologies.


Growing up, Kevin was fascinated by the inner workings of telephone company switches and circuits. He was also a master of practical jokes; he once tweaked the house phone of a person he didn't like so that whenever the line was picked up, a recording requested a 25-cent deposit.

While Kevin never hacked with malicious intent, his actions did catch up to him in the 1980s, when he received prison time and counseling for computer addiction following his conviction for hacking into corporate computer systems. The same year he was released from prison, he was hired by a California college— one of his former hacking targets — for cybersecurity guidance. Kevin referred to this arrangement as “hire a hacker”. This arrangement was entirely unique to Kevin alone, a testament to his expertise and mastery of cybersecurity.

Kevin went on to create Mitnick Security Consulting, where he, alongside his team of elite security consultants — The Global Ghost Team™ — would deliver unmatched services, such as penetration testing, and offer organizations cyber security education live from the stage.

These cyber security training events created a lasting impact on how people and companies protect their most sensitive information and remediate being hacked.


Kevin’s Hybrid Approach to Teaching

As more and more employees continued to enjoy the convenience and safety of working from home, however, Kevin knew he needed to adapt his teachings. Kevin realized the opportunity lay in taking a hybrid learning approach; video conferences became commonplace, yet teams were still eager to learn about cyber security education and training. Even with live events back in swing, it was still difficult for dispersed remote workers to gather in the same room.

Kevin didn’t just take a hybrid approach; however, he knew he could expand his audience and help teams worldwide by adapting his most popular stage shows into engaging virtual webcasts and webinars. And boy, did his idea take off. That’s because Kevin was already an active remote speaker— as the face of the world’s most successful virtual cyber security training program, KnowBe4— so the switch was a smooth one.

Kevin would go on to work with and train teams from some of the most renowned companies worldwide to harden their cybersecurity.

Who We've Worked With

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Cyber Security Education and Training From Kevin Mitnick

Explore some of Kevin's speaking events for his unique insight into the cyber security space

Dell Virtual Event

Rubrik Virtual Event

Malwarebytes Virtual Event

The Channel Company Virtual Event

NetApp Virtual Event

Thales Virtual Event

Reviews & Testimonials for Kevin Mitnick

Lloyds Bank_Transparent

Kevin delivered a fantastic event for Lloyds Banking Group in July 2021. It was far from the normal, often stuffy or scripted, interviews that many organisations seem to undertake. The packed house of engineering, security, and colleagues from across the business really enjoyed the history, anecdotes, and insights. It clearly struck a chord with wide-ranging feedback indicating that it was the most successfully and engaging event of its kind that the group has ever run.

Kevin’s team were fantastic and supporting at all stages, tangibly assisting in improving the value of the event. I look forward to working with Kevin and his team again in the near future and cannot recommend getting in touch to enlist their services most strongly.

- Chris Thompson - Engineering Lead and Head of Cloud Strategy in Insurance and WealthLLOYDS BANKING GROUP




We really loved the conversation and we're super happy with the execution. Our goal for virtual attendees was exceeded by 40% so we knocked it out of the park!

- Lisa Hoang - Program Marketing Manager, Public Sector - RED HAT



For one of the world’s biggest cyber celebrities, he was pretty darn down to earth, generous, easy to work with, and of course, knew his stuff!

- James Brodsky - Senior Director, Global Security Strategists - SPLUNK


Kevin did a great job holding the audience's attention for 75 virtual minutes :-) His points definitely resonated with the audience. His real-life examples and demonstrations made for a captivating and memorable experience.

- Ashley Barnes (Jones) - Conference Program Manager - INSTITUTE OF INTERNAL AUDITORS (IIA)


Kevin Mitnick and his team provided helpful promotional materials, valuable planning time, essential script and talking points, along with very engaging demonstrations. Mr. Mitnick and his team worked with our own cybersecurity experts to ensure that our presentation was not only entertaining and interesting but easily understood and relevant to our audience.

- Jennifer Duval, Lead Channel Manager - AT&T.     


Kevin's participation in our speaker series was nothing short of amazing. The flow, topical subject matter, and engaging demos really hit the mark for our customers."

- Kevin Williams, Vice President of Identity and Data Protection - Thales.

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