Security & Data Breach Incident Response


Comprehensive Expert Help After a Security Incident

When your security has been breached, every second matters. Minimize the impact of an attack with a swift, coordinated response from a team led by the world’s most famous hacker.

No matter how your security was breached or who was behind it, an effective, multifaceted response assesses the cyberattack while containing and remediating the damage.

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The Mitnick Security Advantage

Security Experts, Not Interns

Unlike large firms, Mitnick Security works only with the best, senior security researchers and consultants across the globe. Our reputation helps us to attract the top talent in the industry, evident in the superior quality of our services.

Global Teams Customized for Every Client

Each of our incident response team members are chosen specifically for your situation, organization and security system.

Get 24/7 Incident Assistance and Security Crisis Support

Your incident response team is available 24/7 while working with your team and for ongoing post-engagement support.

Maintain the Chain of Evidence

We ensure that your forensic evidence will pass all tests of admissibility in a court of law by maintaining the Chain of Evidence and upholding rigorous standards.

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Our Approach for Fast Recovery & Maximum Damage Control


The first critical step in our strategic incident response is to identify and report any undiscovered security violations. Breaches and other security incidents are the culmination of a chain of events. Understanding each step of an intruder’s process provides a complete picture of what happened.

Experienced intruders know how to cover their tracks. Our Global Ghost Team inspects intrusion detection systems, antivirus logs, firewall logs, physical security systems and more, searching for signs of how the attacker gained a foothold on the network.


Once your security incidents are identified and understood, the Global Ghost Team™ uses your organization’s security policy and our vast experience to respond appropriately.


Our comprehensive reports include a summary of our findings and actions, as well as our expert opinion and recommendations based on our experience. We provide conclusions that are based on both the presented facts and our expert opinions, with a clear distinction between the two, in non-technical language that anyone can understand.

Recovery and Remediation

Get expert guidance to make informed decisions about restoring or replacing compromised networks and systems. We’ll help your team with the hands-on work of getting back to full operational status while remediating vulnerabilities to help you prevent future incidents. Finally, we’ll recommend custom strategies to improve your security and avoid further incidents.


We’ll contain the problem as quickly as possible, assessing the damage and preventing further contamination. Throughout this process, we isolate affected systems and compromised machines to stop any damage from spreading.


Back in our laboratory, we’ll create a “bit-by-bit image” of each affected component of your network. After detection and response, our team analyzes these images and other evidence to determine what led to the security violation. Specifically, we look for the root cause of the problem, in order to develop solutions and avoid future incidences.

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The Best Response is Preparation: On-Call Retainer Support

Imagine a world where there was no fire department to call, no one helping you to perform drills or inspect safety systems and no one available to deem your workplace safe. Enterprises need a plan and support situation for emergencies like cyberthreats– before they happen.

Response time is a critical component in controlling the damage of a security breach. Don’t wait until an incident to shop around for support. The best possible outcome for your organization in the wake of a cyber attack is only possible when you have a plan in place with a team of professionals that knows your operating environment and is ready to deploy the second they’re needed.

Our elite team of security experts maintains active partnerships with our retainer clients, keeping them ready to defend against attacks and respond to threats at a moment’s notice.

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