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Is pentesting different from a vulnerability scan?

Yes, they are very different. While a vulnerability scan provides a high-level overview of any major gaps in your security framework, a penetration test takes a much deeper dive into your existing framework for any hidden vulnerabilities.

What is covered in a penetration test?

What we cover in your pentest is determined by the pentest method you choose.

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What type of pentesting should my company choose?

Ultimately, you should choose the pentesting service that best suits your company’s needs. Every organization has different, pertinent requirements, so there’s no one-size-fits-all service.

For example, if you’re looking to assess your staff’s ability to keep cyber threats out, you may want to move forward with social engineering testing. If you have a well-established security framework, red teaming may be a better option to advance your cyber security posture.

As we dive into your existing infrastructure and discusses services with you, we will be able to better determine what the best fit would be.

types of penetration testing

How long do pentests last?

Pentests can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on the size of your company and the method of testing used. We will work with you to determine if the time frame it’ll take to perform the pentesting works for you.


Will my company need to close during a pentest?

Your company can, and should, remain open and operate normally while we test your security infrastructure.

Pentesting often goes undetected by employees and happens behind the scenes of your day-to-day operations. Before the pentest, we discuss with you the specific operational parameters of our engagement — what we can and can not utilize to access your internal systems — and we take measures to ensure that the pentest only affects those areas of your operations.

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What happens when the pentest is complete?

When we’ve finished conducting the penetration test, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that highlights the pentest findings, vulnerabilities, and recommendations for your company’s cyber security.


How often should penetration testing be done?

As technology and cyber threats are constantly evolving, it’s recommended that you conduct a penetration test annually to ensure there are no security gaps in your systems that threat actors would be able to exploit.

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What do you do with the information you uncover during the pentest?

The information we gather is compiled into the aforementioned comprehensive pentest report and is given to your team alongside remediation recommendations.

Note: Our team does not keep or distribute any of the information we gather during your pentest. 


What qualifications does Mitnick Security have for conducting these tests?

To perform pentests, the minimum amount of experience required is eight years. Not only does our team of unparalleled cyber security professionals — The Global Ghost Team™ — meet this requirement, but they’re also the world’s most exclusive and elusive cyber security experts. They hold the most advanced credentials, including ​​Offensive Security Certified Professional (OCSP) certifications. 

The experience and certifications our team brings to the table enable us to perform the highest cyber security assessments and provide enterprise-level organizations the protection they deserve.


What is the difference between Mitnick Security's pentesting methodology and other pentesting companies?

Mitnick Security has a 100% success rate for social engineering penetration testing, which is a testament to our elite expertise and our dedication to the security of our clients.

Another differentiator is that, while we respect the outlines of our engagement agreement, we always push the boundaries as far as you allow us. Our group of elite cyber security consultants — The Global Ghost Team™ — will put your system through a series of simulated cyber attacks that will test its limitations and uncover every potential weakness. 

Our mindset and approach enable us to give your business the details you deserve to help keep your data safe from cyber threats.

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