Kevin Mitnick’s Famous Lockpick Business Card

The Card That Opens Doors Around the World


Whether you’ve come across Kevin’s business card at an event, a convention or even a party, you’re unlikely to forget it. 

It’s one way to take a little of Kevin’s mischief and ingenuity with you everywhere you go. As Kevin loves to tell audiences, “‘If you ever lock yourself out of your office or home, just think of Kevin Mitnick and I’ll open the door for you.” 

This lightweight metal card with a removable lockpick toolset is the ultimate fan collectible memorabilia and popular event giveaway. A functional lockpick set, tools include a hook pick, torsion wrench, half diamond prick, snake rake and ball pick. 


While these tools are a novelty, they’re absolutely functional. Learn how to use it to pick locks for fun with online video instructionals like this one:

Get Your Hands on One

Kevin’s cards are the most popular giveaway in the cybersecurity industry. Contact us about ordering them for your next event.  

For individual or small orders, send $10 cash (no other form of payment is accepted) and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC
5325 S. Fort Apache Road
Suite D87
Las Vegas, NV 89148 USA

If ordering from outside of the U.S. please include a prepaid self-addressed envelope (FedEx, DHL, or UPS) and enclose either 10 dollars, Euros, or GBP (cash only) for each card. Sorry, we don't accept any other currencies.

Please follow the above instructions carefully. Orders without the correct payment amount, payment form and self-addressed stamped envelope cannot be returned or fulfilled.