Penetration Testing Services

The Ultimate Tool for Cyber Security Assessment


Find the Risks. Understand the Consequences. Sleep better.

No organization wants their name in the next big data breach headline. But the reality is most breached organizations thought they had great defenses. The cyber security market gets more crowded with new products and technology advancements every day. So how can trust that you are doing enough?

Know you’re really protected against real-world cyber threats with the help of a world-renowned penetration testing team. Get unprecedented visibility into your hidden vulnerabilities with pentesting services from Mitnick Security.


Simulate Attacks and Harden Your Network

Understand how your business environment performs against a full-scale simulated attack by ethical hackers. Our Global Ghost Team will push your system to its limits in a barrage of simulated cyberattacks, discovering every possible vulnerability.

After this comprehensive evaluation and our strategic recommendations, you’ll be able to make the smart security decisions that will protect your data and keep your company out of the headlines.

The sad fact is that automatic scans and signatures only reveal 15% of cyber security vulnerabilities. Get the complete picture of your cybersecurity and keep 100% of your data safe.

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The Mitnick Security Advantage

Superior Skills & Experience

Know who’s really on your penetration testing team. Too many companies leave the hands-on work of cyber security testing to entry-level employees and interns. Our services are performed only by hand-picked teams of industry experts and senior security specialists, sourced around the globe.


Mitnick Security is a premium penetration testing brand with a reputation for being world leaders in social engineering and for adversary simulation.

You’ll Never Know We’re There

Just like in real life, our hacking simulations happen with minimal or no disruption to your operations.

Competitive Pricing

Premium penetration testing with competitive, a la carte pricing.

Results Designed for Real Decisions

The most valuable part of a penetration test isn’t the hacking, it’s the report detailing what our engineers find. We’re proud to set the industry standard for easy-to-understand results that you can walk through with your development and security teams, shoring up vulnerabilities and hardening your system where it counts.

The Difference is in Persistence

While our competitors are punching the time clock, we’re still online, doing whatever it takes to crack the challenge at hand. That’s how you become the best and how we maintain our 100% success rate.

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Our Pentesting Process

It all starts on a phone call with Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker.

As the leader of every penetration test we perform, he’ll introduce the Global Ghost Team, a roster of the best security engineers on the planet, each hand-picked for your test with talents specific to your needs and system. Together, we’ll discuss the specifics of your penetration test, including the details and information we’ll need to scope and price your testing.

Now the real fun begins.

Around the world, our team begins doing what they do better than anyone. While you may not notice anything happening, your system is undergoing a holistic simulation of advanced threat actors, attempting to exploit every potential vulnerability, across your enterprise.

During the testing phase, our team is available 24/7 and in ongoing communication with you. Your operations will have minimal if any disruption. In fact, you may never even know we’re in your system, just like a real adversary.


Detailed Reports

When the engagement wraps up, you’ll receive a full report detailing our work, an assessment of your system, projected consequences of an actual attack, and recommendations to harden your security.

Our easy-to-understand reports are the gold standard in our industry. Go beyond the data and inside the mind of a hacker as you follow our footsteps into your network. Read who they interacted with where, when, the thought process behind their actions, how they manipulated your public information and most importantly, how they got access to your “secure” data.

Use the detailed walkthrough of our analysis to present our findings and implement our recommendations for improvement with your development and security teams. You’ll know exactly what data we accessed, how to prevent it from happening again.

Penetration Testing Services

Stop making cybersecurity decisions based on hypotheticals and case studies analyzing other companies. Hire the best of the best to perform the ultimate security assessment, penetration testing.

Whether this is your first or 50th penetration test, we’ll help you to customize a penetration testing strategy with a la carte services created for specific security concerns and systems.

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External Network Penetration Testing

Locate holes in your security perimeter with testing that leverages your organization’s publicly available information and accessible infrastructure.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Know your risk from internal threats including malware, internal hackers, thieves or rogue employees.

Social Engineering Testing

Assess your staff and training-related security weaknesses with social engineering testing, designed to manipulate your team into putting data at risk.

Physical Penetration Testing

Analyze weak points that would allow an intruder into your buildings or data centers, onto a workstation and subsequently, into your network.

Application Penetration Testing

Assess your applications with simulated attacks focused on finding security vulnerabilities in their design, development, implementation and actual use.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Identify and exploit security vulnerabilities in your wireless environment using this extensive security testing of your organization’s wireless devices and protocols.


Red Team Testing

Simulated attack on your systems and networks, using a group of senior penetration testers, to get a comprehensive perspective of real-life cyber intruders.

Your Pentesting Results

  • Real-world results of simulated cyberattacks done in a safe and controlled environment.
  • The education and specific recommendations to fortify your current system and change your security mindset.
  • A detailed walkthrough of our work to give your security team an insider’s understanding of how the world’s best whitehat hackers think, how they operate and how they were successful against your system.

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