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Following his renowned start in the hacking industry, Kevin Mitnick designed his elite group of security consultants, The Global Ghost Team™, to follow industry best practices and utilize the top hacking techniques to strengthen the cyber security postures of organizations.

World-renowned for assisting businesses in identifying gaps in their cyber security defenses, The Global Ghost Team™ is the world’s most exclusive and elusive team of security professionals with the most advanced certifications under their belts, including ​​Offensive Security Certified Professional (OCSP) certifications.

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Along with having significant experience and certifications in the industry, members have specific and unique skill sets, including:

  • Web app penetration testing
  • Mobile app penetration testing
  • Social Engineering testing
  • Red Team engagements
  • External penetration testing
  • Expert Witness 
  • Ensuring each operation is smooth and seamless
  • And more

Mitnick Security Recruits Security Professionals Worldwide

As a cyber security thought leader and pioneer, the everlasting reputation of Kevin Mitnick in the industry allows Mitnick Security to recruit and retain the industry’s best security specialists and researchers, each with a minimum of 8 years of experience. This unparalleled capability gives us a competitive edge that doesn’t exist in other firms.

Fast Stats:

  • More than 40 senior security professionals around the world
  • Each member has a minimum of 8 years of experience
  • 100% penetration testing success rate when including in scope social engineering

Cyber Security Services With Our Elite Experts

Before beginning a new test for your business, we analyze your needs and your industry. Then, we hand-pick the best member of our Global Ghost Team™ who is considered an expert and thought leader in your industry and for your specific needs.

Automatic scans don’t discover the kind of vulnerabilities that cause front-page data breaches. All of our cyber security services incorporate methodologies and techniques that have become the industry gold standard to fortify every aspect of your cyber security, including deeply hidden vulnerabilities.

When your organization is facing the risk of sophisticated cyber attacks, know that your system is supported by the most elite cyber security team in the world— The Global Ghost Team™.

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Our team is the best of the best, vetted by the best of the best, and we stand ready to help your organization improve your security. 

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