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Kevin Mitnick and his event and security services teams are proud and humbled to have incredible clients around the globe. From those leading their industries to those just starting to make waves, we love sharing the successes of everyone we work with. 

In an industry where so many companies haven’t yet stood the test of time, and solutions have to be as adaptable as rapidly-evolving threats we face, our partnerships are long-term and our presentations are unlike any other. 

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Security Services

Every penetration testing client becomes a repeat customer.

The high praise we receive from our penetration testing clients is a direct reflection on our dedication to being extremely thorough. We don’t stop until we find all potential vulnerabilities. Then, we present the facts with the best reports in the industry. The latter can be especially tough to find in a field crowded with talented security engineers, not report writers. 

At Mitnick Security, we take great pride in our peer review report writing process and the level of accuracy it produces. Our detailed guidance allows clients to reproduce our findings in their environment, in order to remediate all the vulnerabilities we’ve disclosed.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Overall we were extremely satisfied with the findings and the way in which they were presented. It has helped us to bridge the gap from feeling fairly certain we were at risk but lacking the time and knowledge to act, to giving us some concrete steps to take to improve. It has also educated our staff on specific vulnerabilities and given them some resources to use to expand their knowledge and improve our security."
–Multinational Automotive Corporation


Kevin is always in high demand for both big and small speaking engagements, around the world. His captivating style, one-of-a-kind hacking performances and simple, transparent policies make Kevin a sought-after talent that’s easy to quote and manage.

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A Sample of Past Events


20th AFSA Conference - American Financial Services Association (AFSA)

Annual Conference of the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA)

Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (CAIS)

ICI Cybersecurity Forum - Investment Company Institute (ICI)


Cyber Investing Summit at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Wells Fargo Event

Munich Re Conference

Annual Meeting of the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Finance Council


Annual Meeting of the Innovation Fund Denmark

Point of View '18, Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets

NAPA 401(k) Summit, American Retirement Association

Example of a Recent Tour

Tour Name: BBVA Bright Perspectives Series

Host: BBVA Compass Bank

Location: 13 cities

Timeframe: 24 months

Audience: 100-300 business executives and individual wealthy clients of BBVA at each event

Press Release: Tour launch press release 

Marketing: 2016 Tour Teaser Video

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kevin Mitnick, world-renowned hacker and security expert, entranced an audience of over 1500, including 1000 US Naval Academy Midshipmen, at the United States Naval Institute’s Conference on cybersecurity.  

His presentation explained the dangers of social engineering and how individuals can reduce the risks of having their personal information and online accounts stolen.  During his demonstration, he showed how readily information can be gathered by hackers using perfectly legal means from any organization’s forward-facing servers. He additionally showed a Midshipman how easily he could, through readily accessible and legal means, obtain personal information stored on the Internet.

Mitnick was exciting and provided real-world information that not only informed but entertained the audience.  He left the Academy a buzz as word of his presentation spread and had the Midshipmen asking for additional sessions with him!

–CAPT Steven “Doc” Simon, USN Director, Cyber Security Center, United States Naval Academy

Kevin's talk was a huge hit. He was charming, funny and definitely in the zone. The talk covered his early childhood pranks, illuminating how he developed the hacker instinct that ultimately got him into trouble.


I've never had such great feedback for a keynote speaker!

–Internetwork Engineering

Delegates at the event gave Kevin a rating of 98% for content and 98% for delivery. I’m sure you will agree with me the scores were sensational. 


Kevin has a unique ability to connect with both technical and non-technical groups, which makes him a perfect fit for almost any event, especially those audiences that run the full gamut of technical ability. Die-hard techies will enjoy “geeking out” with Kevin, and everyone else will still be fascinated and perhaps a little frightened by what they learn. Our attendees could not have been more pleased with Kevin and his keynote.

–John Dietrich, Executive Director, Corporate Messaging and Brand, Dell 

The Webinar on social engineering was fantastic and we have received lots of positive feedback about the event. Kevin is a great speaker with tons of wit and a flair for making points thoughtfully.

–Calgary Board of Education

Who Hires Us?

This small sampling of clients across the globe and across industries represents the hundreds of organizations that we work with to provide both information security and speaking services. 

While there are lots of big, recognizable names on this list, we’re also great at supporting not-for-profits, fundraising organizations and start-ups as well as small companies and associations. Complete the form on this page to discuss your idea and get assistance finding sponsorship for your needs. 

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • IBM
  • Hewlett Packard
  • FedEx
  • Harvard
  • Government of Japan
  • U.S. Congress
  • MetLife
  • State Farm
  • Toyota

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