Vulnerability Assessment Services

See Your System Through the Eyes of a Hacker


It takes a hacker to think like a hacker and pinpoint real weaknesses in your network or security system.

That’s exactly what we provide with vulnerability assessments (VA) performed by our Global Ghost Team.

In a penetration test, cyber security risks are intentionally exploited, usually once per year, for a clear picture of your overall security threats and what they’re putting at stake. In contrast, vulnerability assessments can locate, quantify and prioritize technological weaknesses in your systems and network much more frequently. Then, your team is able to mitigate and minimize those vulnerabilities before someone can exploit them.


While a penetration test may involve any and all means of exploiting weaknesses in your system, including social engineering, vulnerability assessments identify those vulnerabilities, without actually exploiting them. Then, each one is manually verified to ensure it’s not a false positive.

Although many companies rely on Network Security Assessment Software (NSAS) to scan their system for these issues, it’s just not good enough. More vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Software just isn’t designed to do the kind of persistent, lateral thinking that’s possible with a professional hacker behind the keys.

Quarterly vulnerability assessments provide a proactive foundation of a comprehensive security strategy and a vital tool when new vulnerabilities are released. Protect your most valuable data and important assets with the most thorough and well-researched analysis in the industry, not just the same software everyone uses.

Work one-on-one with the best cybersecurity team in the world to test and harden your system using a thorough post-assessment report. Easy-to-understand risk ratings and recommended actions for each discovered vulnerability will help your team to prioritize actions by threat-level and make informed decisions to protect your information.

Go beyond automated assessment tools to find the real threats to your system.

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Our Process

Each vulnerability assessment begins on a call with our team, and yours, to identify your goals and ensure everyone understands the process. Once we begin, your business proceeds as if nothing is happening while our team gets to work.

During the assessment, we perform a vulnerability scan of your company’s externally facing (public) assets, application or code. Then, our team of senior security experts manually verifies the results, an integral step that’s often skipped by the competition.

We take pride in not simply running a scan and exporting the report with our logo (which is common practice). Instead, our trained experts ensure that the findings are accurate, verified and don’t include false positives.

Each vulnerability is also is measured and rated according to its level of severity against your systems, so your team is able to prioritize patching.

Vulnerability ranking factors include:

  • How well known the vulnerability is
  • How complex the process to exploit the vulnerability is
  • Whether it can be exploited remotely
  • Extent of potential damage if exploited

As your assessment wraps up, you’ll be notified and we’ll begin writing a detailed, peer-reviewed report, including custom strategies to mitigate the issues we’ve found.

The Mitnick Security Advantage

Go Beyond Automated Scans

Mitnick Security’s experts are able to discover vulnerabilities that automated scanners simply cannot identify alone. Our highly-trained engineers use a combination of Network Security Assessment Software (NSAS) and lateral thinking to expose hard-to-find vulnerabilities that can go undetected by scanning software alone.

Specialized Talent for Specialized Systems

As an industry-leading brand representing an elite global group of senior cybersecurity engineers, we’re able to deploy teams specializing in your specific systems and network, for the most in-depth, expert analysis possible.

Manual Verification and Peer-Reviewed Reports

Our team is hands-on, manually verifying every vulnerability and consulting with one another on the best strategies to patch discovered problems and harden your security.

Fast Turn-Around

We understand the urgency behind security work and can help your team to achieve a fast turn around, including prompt scheduling.

On the Edge of an Evolving Industry

As thought leaders and pioneers of the cybersecurity industry, our engineers are among the first to learn about new vulnerabilities and opportunities for malicious hacking, as they’re discovered.

The Global Ghost Team

We employ only the finest senior security engineers in the world– elite, ethical hackers and security specialists, chosen for their professionalism to use safe, industry-standardized practices. 


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