The World’s Most Famous Hacker is on Your Side

Behind the scenes of the most secure organizations in the world, Kevin Mitnick and his global ghost team are there to provide an extraordinary advantage in the battle for real information security. Through testing, training, and awe-inspiring presentations, the Mitnick Security team can help your organization make cyber threats vanish.

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KnowBe4 KMSAT Filming 2018
KnowBe4 KMSAT Filming 2018

Virtual Events,
Webinars, & Videos

If your live event has been canceled due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, or you’re looking for ways to create virtual value during this trying time, Kevin Mitnick is it. 

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Cyber Security Services from Mitnick Security

Improve your security posture with the ultimate in security services, penetration testing. Alongside our team of whitehat hackers, Kevin will work with you to plan a customized attack, execute the hack, and provide prioritized recommendations for moving forward. 

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In addition to comprehensive pentesting, we offer a full spectrum of cybersecurity services for enterprise and multinational organizations. Learn more. 


Upcoming Speaking Events

CISO A/NZ Online

calendar_today February 10, 2021
explore Virtual
perm_identity Corinium

How to combat fake news and disinformation being used to attack your organization

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Private Event
Private Security Awareness Event

calendar_today March 09, 2021
explore Raleigh, North Carolina, US
perm_identity Blue Cross and Blue Shield

By Prior Invitation Only

Virtual Summit

calendar_today April 19, 2021
explore Virtual
perm_identity KnowBe4

KnowBe4 user conference designed for CISOs, security awareness training program administrators and InfoSec professionals.

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Private Event
Private Security Awareness Event

calendar_today June 15, 2021
explore Destin, Florida, US
perm_identity First National Bankers Bank

Coming Soon

Private Event
Global Cyber Forum

calendar_today October 26, 2021
explore Zürich, Switzerland
perm_identity Global Cyber Forum

Global Cyber Forum Conference - The First International Cyber Security Conference in Zurich

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Virtual Event
Private Security Awareness Event

calendar_today TBD
explore Columbus, Maryland, US
perm_identity Grace

Staff Only

ElevateIT: Houston Technology Summit

calendar_today November 13, 2021
explore Virtual
perm_identity ElevateIT

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ePlus Executive Customer Private Event

calendar_today November 13, 2020
explore Virtual
perm_identity ePlus

By Approved/Prior Invitation Only

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Mitnick Security Featured Services

Explore the ways we help organizations, governments and enterprises to test and harden their security on every level.

Ultimate Penetration Testing

The best possible security is hardened with the most comprehensive security testing available– simulated attacks performed by the industry’s best whitehat hackers.

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Red Team Operations

Put your defenses to the test in a simulated attack that pits your security team and systems against the world’s most elite ethical hacking team.  

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Security Awareness training

Only high-quality training can fortify your security against every system’s weakest link (and the easiest way to gain unauthorized access to your sensitive information), humans.

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“We would need to give out FREE PUPPIES this year to match the record crowds and excitement that Kevin Mitnick generated at our tradeshow booth last year, so, we just booked him again!" -VMWare
"Kevin's talk was a huge hit. He was charming, funny and definitely in the zone. The talk covered his early childhood pranks, illuminating how he developed the hacker instinct that ultimately got him into trouble." - Microsoft
"In two weeks, $4 billion worth of our data and intellectual property was sitting in front of me on an external drive! My own team told me nothing was missing, the same team that had said hacking us would be impossible." -CEO, Fortune 500 Software Company
"Delegates at the event gave Kevin a rating of 98% for content and 98% for delivery. I’m sure you will agree with me the scores were sensational.”
“Kevin has a unique ability to connect with both technical and non-technical groups, which makes him a perfect fit for almost any event, especially those audiences that run the full gamut of technical ability. Die-hard techies will enjoy “geeking out” with Kevin, and everyone else will still be fascinated and perhaps a little frightened by what they learn. Our attendees could not have been more pleased with Kevin and his keynote.” - Dell
"Overall we were extremely satisfied with the findings and the way in which they were presented. It has helped us to bridge the gap from feeling fairly certain we were at risk but lacking the time and knowledge to act, to giving us some concrete steps to take to improve. It has also educated our staff on specific vulnerabilities and given them some resources to use to expand their knowledge and improve our security." –Multinational Automotive Corporation