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EVENT REVIEW: World’s Most Famous Hacker Headlines Science Center’s Annual Benefit

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium Hosts Wold Famous Hacker

Kevin Mitnick spoke at Center’s Annual “Smarty Party” Benefit April 4th

Former FBI Most Wanted criminal, Kevin Mitnick shocked guests at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium’s annual benefit at The Breakers Palm Beach when he demonstrated just how easily personal information can be acquired through little effort from a hacker, eliciting gasps from the crowd. Through his demonstrations, Mitnick explained the most vulnerable area of a security system is the human element.

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Top 5 ethical hackers you should doff your white hat to

Have you got the skills to be an ethical hacker? They are highly valued by major organisations across the globe.

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Best 16 Cyber Security Books

Best Cyber Security Books - For this post, we have scraped various signals (e.g. online ratings/reviews, topics covered, author influence in the field, year of publication, social media mentions, etc.) for more than 100's Computer Security books from web. We have fed all above signals to a Machine Learning algorithm to compute a score and rank the top books.
The readers will love our list because it is Data-Driven & Objective. Enjoy the list:

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Rafa Hacker: Know More of Cybersecurity with 3 Different Books

Every day, you hear about security flaws, viruses, and evil hacker gangs that could leave you destitute – or, even worse, bring a whole country to its knees. However, have you ever asked to yourself what is the truth about these digital dangers? Today, we brought a list of interesting and very helpful books for you to have the best references and recommendations when talking about cybersecurity. Try to find them all, at least by the Internet, and make a little research on this topic.

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4 tips to protect your real estate business online

Agents handle lots of confidential information and can become targets for cyber thieves. With trust account fraud continuing to make headlines, hacker-turned-cyber security consultant Kevin Mitnick provides his top tips on protecting your business from cyber attacks.

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Hacker exposes weakest links in corporate chain

American poacher turned gamekeeper demonstrates the tech tricks of his trade

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Four Corners “Cyber War” on Vimeo

Cyber security adviser Kevin Mitnick demonstrates how easy it is to hack into a bank account using a fake wifi network

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Are things really as bad as the ABC Four Corners’ Cyber War documentary makes out?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Four Corners' Cyber War program, aired tonight, highlighted the personal, commercial and national threats posed by hackers and a general preparedness on all things cyber security.

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