Cyber Security Product Claims Testing


Get Unbiased Proof From the Best in the Business

The cybersecurity industry is plagued with products and services marketed by gross overstatements of their capabilities.

Will it work when it matters? Do you actually need it? Is it really as great as it claims? Will it help you achieve your security goals?

Don’t blindly believe what the slick marketing of security products and services tells you. Know for a fact that you are using the best technologies– by putting them to the test. Or prove for a fact that your product has been vetted by the industry’s top experts.

Because real confidence in the quality, performance and safety of security products or services comes from pitting them against the best of the best.


Mitnick Security’s team of elite security engineers tests security products and services to measure and verify their actual performance against intentional attempts of intrusion.

During product claims testing, our Global Ghost Team attempts to break the security mechanisms and procedures you want tested. Throughout this process, we identify specific weaknesses that enable us to evade or defeat security procedures. Finally, we provide you with the evidence to validate or nullify a security claim.

Whether it is for a business purchase or you’re building a case for negligence, we’ll help you to find the truth. And when we’re finished, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with definitive proof of whether that product or service failed to fulfill its consumer promise.


The Process

Each claims test engagement begins with a kick-off with our team, to review your goals, our process and to answer your questions. Then we’ll contact the security product or service vendor to obtain licensing and get the specs we need to configure our lab environment.

As the product claims test commences, we keep your team updated through dedicated, instant communication channels. When the testing phase is complete, we’ll compile and review our report through a rigorous process of manual confirmations and peer reviews. Once you receive this report, you’ll have time to review it, request changes and ask questions before our teams meet again for a post-engagement debriefing.

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The Mitnick Security Advantage

A Team of Real Hackers for Hire

Our security engineers don’t just mimic the hacker mindset, they’re world-renowned white hat hackers, led first-hand by our founder, legendary hacker Kevin Mitnick.

Unsurpassed Global Talent

Security testing is both an art and a science. The quality of any test depends entirely on the team behind the technology. It’s why none of our team members have less than 10 years of experience or are considered anything less than elite, security engineering experts.


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The Brand You Want to Stand Behind

Around the world, the Mitnick Security brand is recognized as the industry’s elite niche provider of cybersecurity services. When a major business decision or consumer confidence is on the line, we’re the gold standard you need.

Our Approach to Product Claims Testing

Unbiased Results from Product Agnostic Experts

Mitnick Security is product agnostic and does not profit from recommending any product or service outside of our partnership with KnowBe4 security awareness training. That means you can trust our team for unbiased results from experts who are always looking for the best of the best, not endorsements.

Tested in Real Environments

Our security engineers test how products and services perform in a real environment, not a staged lab. That important distinction in our approach allows us to see first-hand how products work during real-world attacks.

Unique Techniques to Resemble Real Attacks

As some of the industry’s most elite white hat hackers, we understand how to conduct tests to resemble actual intruder attacks. We do this by leveraging a unique combination of industry-standard testing procedures and proprietary penetration testing techniques.


Acting Upon the Results

When our product claims testing reveals vulnerabilities in the product or service, our report includes detailed strategies and solutions to remediate them. We also recommend performing a penetration test the year following product claims testing to ensure the product still meets expectations.

In cases of suspected false claims, you can use our testing services to determine whether or not these were fraudulent in nature, and we will provide you the legal support you need through our Expert Witness services.

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