Computer Forensics


Arm Your Legal Team with the Digital Evidence They Need

Most organizations aren’t ready when a cyberattack strikes.

When your security has been breached, it’s not enough to respond and recover. You need professional, fast assistance to protect your organization and arm you for the potential legal battle ahead. Few companies are ready with the logs, processes, playbooks and training it takes to control the chaos resulting from compromised security.

Computer forensics is the collection and analysis of digital evidence in administrative, civil and criminal cases. As a service, computer forensics is a fast response from a well-oiled team of experts with the tools and experience to set you up for success in the courtroom.

Computer crime cases are complex, and they require exceptionally skilled support specialists for legal professionals. Mitnick Security will act as an extension of your own team, helping you to build a solid case through digital evidence of theft, policy violations, misuse of computing and other assets, hacking activities, digital harassment, embezzlement, sabotage, industrial espionage, falsification of data and more.


The Mitnick Security Advantage


24/7 Support

During and following your forensic investigation, our team is available to assist you 24/7, around the world.

Superior, Senior Talent

The quality of your Security Consulting is dependent upon the talent and experience of the professionals delivering it. We’re proud to be the best of the best. That means only employing the industry’s top senior forensics experts, all with 10+ years of experience.

Extensive Forensic Experience

Our team has been extensively trained to rigorously uphold international standards of forensic evidence admissibility, should your security breach be followed by legal proceedings.

Smooth Operations

Even during the painstakingly thorough work of computer forensics following a cyber attack, our team operates with little to no disruption to your organization.


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Our Five-Phase Approach to Computer Forensics

The Global Ghost Team™ approaches each case methodically, using the highest industry standards and proven scientific methods to evaluate evidence. Our five-phase approach and diligent persistence has saved careers, reputations and even incarceration time for our clients.

1. Data Imaging Phase

Once your custom project team obtains an image of potential evidence from your system, we begin by making at least two copies, so we never work on the original forensic data. Then, while imaging, hardware “write-blockers” are used to ensure the evidence isn’t corrupted. Our team also generates a hash of the evidence images we collect, to inspect the integrity of the images during later analysis. All of this is done to maintain evidence integrity, to create a solid foundation for your case.

2. Extraction Phase

In the extraction phase, the Global Ghost Team™ sets up and validates forensic hardware and software, creating the system configuration as needed. The integrity of the forensic data is then checked by using the previously generated hash before we begin extraction.

3. Identification Phase

In this phase, the Global Ghost Team™ processes extracted data, identifying information that could be relevant to the case and filtering everything into one of three categories: relevant, irrelevant and outside scope.

Data classified as “outside scope” consists of incriminating information that lies beyond the scope of the warrant or request. In this case, you’re immediately notified and able to consult with the relevant professionals before taking action.

Once all relevant data is placed identified and organized, our team then hunts for new potential data search leads; or sources. Now, you’re made aware of our initial findings.

4. Analysis Phase

The Global Ghost Team™ analyzes the data, looking for evidence to support or refute the case, including:

Who: Knowledge about the user or application that created, edited, modified and sent, or received the file. We will also determine who the data is linked to and identified with.

When: The days and times when a data item was created, edited, modified, sent, received, viewed, deleted and so on.

Where: The location the data was found, where it originated and where relevant events took place.

How: We’ll determine how data came to be on the media as well as how was it created, modified, transmitted, etc.

Other Important Information: As part of a thorough process and full picture of the incident, we’ll also inspect registry entries and system or applications logs, analyze metadata and determine whether there are links to another event.

5. Reporting Phase

Across all of our cybersecurity services, Mitnick Security is known for delivering the gold standard in case reports. All of our findings will be turned over to your team in an easy-to-understand digital document that includes images and hyperlinks to evidence for easy navigation and comprehension.

Each report begins with an overview or Case Summary then presents the relevant information about how each image was obtained, how the analysis began and a summary of what we found. You’ll also receive details of how our team handled the evidence and the steps we took to preserve data integrity through each step.

Documenting the Critical Chain of Custody

Chain of custody is the route the evidence takes, from the time our team discovers it until the case is closed. Your project will include a chain of custody document detailing who handled the evidence, when and for what purpose.

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