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Entering the Metaverse for Your Virtual Cyber Security Events

Virtual events can utilize virtual reality (VR) and the Metaverse so you can host a memorable event that also trains your attendees in all things cybersecurity. 

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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Virtual Versus In-Person Events

Hosting a cybersecurity event can not only empower your team, but it can also strengthen the posture of your organization. The real choice isn’t if you should host an event — you definitely should — but how to host it. Cyber security events can be a virtual event experience or in-person, and there are several speakers you can hire for either option. 

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4 Ways To Make Your Cyber Security Virtual Event Feel Like It’s an In-Person Experience

Surrounded by the ever-changing state of business operations, planning a cyber security training or educational event can be complicated. One of the challenges you’ll face early on is deciding whether or not to host your next cyber security event in-person. Many individuals fear that a virtual cybersecurity presentation could never be as engaging as an event that’s face-to-face. 

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5 Benefits of Virtual Cyber Security Events that In-Person Events Don't Offer

If you are looking to book a cyber security speaker, there’s a strong chance you are considering a digital broadcast. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it nearly impossible for event planners to host in-person events. 

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Year in Review: What We Learned Speaking at Virtual Cyber Security Events in 2020

Here we are: another year in the books. Twenty twenty however, has been one unlike any other… to say the least!

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The Tech Kevin Mitnick Uses for Virtual Events & Webinars

When it comes to cybersecurity training, there’s no arguing that Kevin Mitnick has a notable name for himself. But he’s known for more than just his sold-out in-person conferences— he’s also earning credibility for his online live hacking demonstrations. 

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How to Plan & Host an Incredible Virtual Event

With stage events coming to a dramatic halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, event planners and speakers are forced to pivot. To stay agile during this uncertain time, many companies are beginning to host virtual events

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