The Tech Kevin Mitnick Uses for Virtual Events & Webinars

When it comes to cybersecurity training, there’s no arguing that Kevin Mitnick has a notable name for himself. But he’s known for more than just his sold-out in-person conferences— he’s also earning credibility for his online live hacking demonstrations. 

During these uncertain times, more and more companies are choosing virtual education than ever before, making these online events an instant success.

When considering your next webinar or virtual event speaker, it helps to understand what you’re investing in. To help you choose the right virtual keynote speaker with confidence, here’s a peek into the technology Kevin uses during his online broadcasts.

Our Camera Equipment

When it comes to virtual events, your speaker needs the right camera to capture a high-quality stream. For live cyber security demonstrations, a traditional web cam just doesn't cut it. We use one of the best cameras in the video industry, Panasonic's Lumix GH5, revered for its 4K shooting and dynamic range. We’re able to add our own lenses to capture the depth we desire and to provide the highest-quality footage at all times.


Our high-class Blackmagicdesign ATEM Mini Pro ISO has inputs for up to four cameras at once, allowing us to capture the live event on a number of devices at various angles. This switcher enables us to cut between video sources, add effects, use live streaming features. With the help of an external monitor, we can preview the output too, ensuring that we’re always capturing the best video.


External Power

The last thing you want from your virtual presentation is a dead battery halfway through recording. With our team, we always connect to an external backup power source— specifically, the Gonine AC Power Adaptor— guaranteeing an undisrupted quality recording every time. 


Nothing kills a good video like an uneven, wobbly or cheap tripod. Our RetiCAM tabletop tripod can easily be collapsed down to table height or raised for elevated filming. Its smooth three-way pan helps us add movement and life to our video, helping watchers stay engaged when viewing the live stream or recording. 

Our Audio

Instead of walking around with a cumbersome, wire-entangled hand mic or echoing audio in an open room, we opt to use a near-seamlessly hidden lavalier. Our Rode Lav Microphone System has a bodypack for Kevin to slip secretly into this pocket, picking up omnidirectional, crisp audio of the entire virtual event.

Our Teleprompter

Even the best on stage performers can enhance their presentation with the right preparation. Kevin Mitnick refers to a script that’s been co-created with the client, helping him stay on track and on time all speech long. We rely on the PromptSmart Pro Teleprompter app to empower Kevin with written prompts with timelines.

While it’s always wise to print a backup copy or have the presentation available on paper should there be technical difficulties, a digital projection helps him continue to look at the camera and audience at all times to maintain a genuine connection. 

Our Lighting

Without a doubt, poorly lit stages are unengaging. On video, dim stages are even worse. This consideration is especially important during live cyber security demonstrations, as the audience must be able to see what Kevin is doing. We invest in quality, dimmable LED lighting systems from SAMTIAN to brighten up our space for video views.

Planning & Testing

When it comes to a virtual event, a lot of preparation goes on behind the scenes. We always test our webinar recording link a few days before the stream and use this mock presentation window to check our framing of the shot. It’s during this time that we also confirm our audio connectivity and levels as well as our lighting— meaning no surprises the day of the live webinar or event.

Online Events with Mitnick Security

When you work with seasoned professionals, like our team, for lead generation-focused or educational webinars, you can expect superior results. We offload the stress of planning and hosting any virtual event and empower your audience like few in the industry can.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from a recent event with Red Hat:

"We really loved the conversation and we're super happy with the execution. Our goal for virtual attendees was exceeded by 40% so we knocked it out of the park!" - Lisa Hoang, Program Marketing Manager, Public Sector


"It was a real honor and pleasure talking to Kevin, it was really just like being 1:1 with him and he was as enchanting and captivating. Kevin's comfort and genuine enthusiasm for security is infectious, but I think what's really behind it all is Kevin's ability to connect - no matter how well Kevin masters technology, his ability to connect with people is what has driven, in my mind, his greatest exploits. He has a keen awareness and turns that social engineering prowess into the ability to captivate an audience. Thanks so much!" - Adam Clater, Chief Architect, North America Public Sector


Do you have a virtual event, lead gen webinar, or other program coming up? See how Kevin can help - learn more about our Virtual Events, Webinars and Videos here.

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