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Spring Programs Will Solve Mysteries

“Mystery” may be the keyword for the Library’s spring program schedule, ranging from the mystery of faith and science to solving mysteries with forensic science.

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Howard County’s Top 5 government stories of 2016

1. Howard County moves to vote centers

In March, Howard County officials approved the final plan to bring vote centers to the county. The Howard County Election Board, County Council and County Commissioners agreed to implement 15 vote center locations – a decision that played a major role in the 2016 primary and general elections.

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Reformed hacker offers insight into cyber crime

With law firms notably one of the largest targets for cyber security attacks, a former hacker turned security expert has revealed how smaller players, including SME law firms, can properly protect themselves from inevitable threats.

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Best Books of 2016

Our editors’ picks for the best books of 2016, and some they’re eagerly anticipating.

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KnowBe4 Announces Free Phish Alert for G Suite

New functionality offered at no-charge to fight rising threats of phishing and ransomware and shore up the “weakest link in security: users

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The Dangers Of Using Bluetooth In Rental Cars

I’m an early adopter. Have you ever used Ello or the now defunct UrbanSpoon? I was there from the get-go on both of those. When it comes to anything technology related I like getting on board first. While this can be expensive, it does make for interesting conversations around the home office. Especially when one of these technologies fizzled out, remember MySpace.

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WATCH: Hacker: Two-step verification would have avoided Russian hack

Once the world’s most wanted criminal hacker now computer security consultant Kevin Mitnick breakdown how Russia hacked into the US. Election. 

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The ATO’s top 10 digital security tips

Here are some tips from the ATO to help business owners maintain the most digitally secure business they possibly can.

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Attention to the attacks of the social engineers

There is a saying that says "the current of security is as strong as its weakest link." One of these links has always been the man, who could be the strongest, but who is usually the weakest.

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Howard County fights back against ransomware after attack

A ransomware attack on the Howard County government last month affected more files than officials first realized and has led to an all-out effort to fight the encryption malware.

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