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6 Questions IT Directors Should Ask When Choosing Penetration Testing Services

As the head of IT, you know the value of a thorough penetration test

If only finding the right pentesting company were easy. 

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An Overview of the 2021 Vulnerability Researchers Hack

If you thought 2020 was a big year for social engineering schemes— watch out! Twenty twenty one is coming in hot.

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What Should You Budget for a Penetration Test? The True Cost

Budgeting for a penetration test shouldn't feel like rocket science. 

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What Makes a Pentesting Team Great?

When it comes to penetration testing, the quality of the assessment depends on the quality of the team performing the test. However, not all pentesting teams are created equally. 

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Year in Review: What We Learned Speaking at Virtual Cyber Security Events in 2020

Here we are: another year in the books. Twenty twenty however, has been one unlike any other… to say the least!

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5 Tips for Choosing a Cyber Security Speaker for a Lead Gen Webinar

The right speaker for your cybersecurity webinar can help you capture higher-quality leads by building trust between your audience and your company. On the other hand, the wrong speaker can bring in the wrong types of leads or cause the right ones to lose interest in your brand. 

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Disinformation, The Election & Cybersecurity

During this election season, disinformation campaigns have been so prevalent that the NY Times has a live-updating feed of the latest falsehoods and misleading statements circulating online. Fake news, it seems, abounds. 

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How to Avoid Holiday Scams & Social Engineering Tricks at Work

While you’re out looking for incredible shopping deals this holiday season, cyberattackers are hunting for clever ways to trick unsuspecting users. 

These bad attackers know that the holidays are a busy time for corporations— and while some tech-savvy breachers leverage the chaos to target a company’s technical vulnerabilities, many capitalize on human security weaknesses. 

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Hacking Technique Predictions for 2021: The Top Threats to Watch

Here at Mitnick Security, we pride ourselves on our passion for cybersecurity, keeping a close eye and ear on new threats and vulnerabilities— every. day.

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User Deception: The Biggest Cyber Threat CISOs are Forgetting

As a CISO, you're always looking for the next big breakthrough to increase your organization's overall security posture. 

Next-generation firewalls (NGFW), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and sophisticated anti-virus software are great, but the answer to strong cybersecurity starts with your weakest link: your employees. 

In fact, untrained employees are far more likely to lead to a breach than DDoS attacks or any other hacking technique. 

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