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What Is Included in a Vulnerability Assessment Report?

To keep bad actors at bay, most businesses will have their system software regularly scanned for high-level security vulnerabilities. Sometimes after a scan, a cyber security professional assesses the results. These professionals often weed out false positives and offer recommendations for improving your defenses in the form of a vulnerability assessment report (VA report).   

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4 Ways To Make Your Cyber Security Virtual Event Feel Like It’s an In-Person Experience

Surrounded by the ever-changing state of business operations, planning a cyber security training or educational event can be complicated. One of the challenges you’ll face early on is deciding whether or not to host your next cyber security event in-person. Many individuals fear that a virtual cybersecurity presentation could never be as engaging as an event that’s face-to-face. 

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Times Your Company May Need a Cyber Security Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are commonplace in the legal world to provide well…expert… insight into cyber scenarios. Because the Average Joe may not know the technical terms of computer forensics or best practices of cyber security, a professional is often necessary to skillfully relay reliable information to all relevant parties. 

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What Is a Security Vulnerability Assessment?

When it comes to online security, you want to find the issues before cyber criminals figure it out for you. Penetration tests, or pentests, are annual tests that use social engineering and other rigorous testing methods to find exploitable vulnerabilities in your systems. However, what about the months, or years, in between full-scale pentests?

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The Growth of Ransomware Attacks

“Ransomware” is a buzzword that’s undoubtedly been splashed all across the news in the past two years. The cyberattack gets its name for the financial ransom victims are asked to pay to unlock their system after being infected by malware. 

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4 Reasons to Invest in Product Claims Testing with Mitnick Security

When we talk to customers who have worked with other vendors, we hear the same complaints across the board:

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Top Techniques Used by Social Engineers

Social engineers use new techniques daily to gain unauthorized access to private systems and servers. But while new tactics are ever-arising, many “tried and true” techniques remain consistent. After all, when something works, why change it?

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Lessons Learned From GoDaddy's 2021 Data Breach

The American internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy recently made the news for the latest 2021 security breach. 

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How Social Engineering Can Affect an Organization

Organizations around the world are enrolled in security awareness training programs and taught to look out for cybercriminals who are using a hacking technique called social engineering

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5 Questions to Ask Before Conducting a Pentest

Getting ready for a pentest might seem overwhelming, no matter if it’s your first or your fourth. 

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