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What's Included in a Penetration Test Report?

Penetration tests are an extremely useful exercise to mitigate risks and patch your security gaps. However, some businesses get the report just to meet compliance standards, then forget about it. 

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Why Penetration Testing is More Important than Ever in 2020

Early 2020 has been an unprecedented year for businesses, not only across our great nation, but the world at large. Enterprises big and small have shut their doors— and for those that require a storefront or face-to-face interactions to deliver products and services, operations may have come to a grinding halt.

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How to Plan & Host an Incredible Virtual Event

With stage events coming to a dramatic halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, event planners and speakers are forced to pivot. To stay agile during this uncertain time, many companies are beginning to host virtual events

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Tips for Event Planners Booking a Speaker for a Virtual Conference

As an event planner looking to host a virtual conference, you want to hire engaging talent to entertain your digital audience. 

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Understanding the 6 Main Types of Penetration Testing

You’re considering conducting a formal penetration test to expose vulnerabilities within your system, but where to start? Upon some quick research, you discover that there’s actually more than one type of penetration test— and suddenly you’re lost in a jungle of jargon, asking yourself some confusion questions: 

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Social Engineering Attacks: What You Need to Know

Hackers use clever ploys to trick you into disclosing personal information— all with the end goal of acquiring sensitive data or money. These ‘social engineers’ gather intel on you and use social tactics to manipulate and deceive you into granting them entry into your systems.

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The 4 Phases of Penetration Testing

You’ve done your research on the different types of penetration testing, now you’re ready to conduct an engagement and let the pentesters do their best to breach your systems. 

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8 Things to Consider When Booking a Speaker for a Virtual Event

The COVID-19 pandemic is spurring major changes for many businesses, some more than others. Live events and future bookings— as a prime example— have come to a grinding halt, leaving professional speakers stageless nationwide.

But to say keynote speakers are without a platform to stand on? That’s inaccurate. While in-person speeches have stopped, virtual events are alive and growing— boasting record-high crowds of home-bound attendees.

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5 Cyber Privacy Concerns and Ways to Enhance Your Personal Security

With social isolation sweeping the nation, businesses are rapidly switching to remote operations. Now more than ever before, we’re all using personal and company devices and new apps to work from home, triggering privacy concerns from IT pros and end users themselves.

But how do you know you’re truly safeguarded when using your work device remotely? How about when using your own personal computer, tablet, or smartphone?

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4 Ways Hackers Use Social Engineering to Trick Your Employees (& You!)

Companies of all sizes are victimized by clever hackers regularly. Business email compromise (BEC) often occur simply because a smooth criminal posed as a trusted source.

You may have heard of the term “social engineering” before, and that’s essentially what it is: malicious “social engineers” using manipulation, deception and influence to persuade an employee or contractor into unwittingly disclosing secure information— or to perform an action which grants unauthorized access to your information systems.

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