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Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training: Microsoft Teams

Kevin Mitnick — founder of Mitnick Security and KnowBe4’s Chief Hacking Officer — helps organizations find and remediate vulnerabilities through penetration testing to avoid cybersecurity incidents. However, that isn’t the whole story. 

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What is a Red Hat Hacker? Top Things to Know

Cyber attackers shouldn’t all be painted with the same brush. There are many different types, all with separate motivations and tactics for launching their attacks.

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World Famous Computer Hackers and What They're Doing Now

We can agree that one thing all hackers share is curiosity, but not all hackers are the same. There are different types of hackers. For example, black hat hackers (threat actors) exploit network vulnerabilities and attempt to make a profit to the detriment of businesses. These are the “bad guys” of the hacking world.

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Vulnerability Assessment vs Penetration Testing: Key Differences

While similar in some ways, the often interchangeably used vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are two different beasts. Throw vulnerability scans into the mix and, suddenly, most companies are confused.

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5 Questions To Ask When Evaluating a Penetration Testing Company

Whether your organization has been the victim of a recent data breach or your organization has never had expert penetration testing done before, it’s probably time to call in cybersecurity experts. The right cybersecurity company can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your networks and systems so you can improve the security posture of your organization and stay one step ahead of threat actors. 

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Uber Data Breach: What To Know About the 2022 Cybersecurity Attack

No matter how robust network security is, even the biggest companies fall victim to cyber attacks. These malicious attacks can be costly — to the tune of 4.3 million on average — but they also disrupt operations and hurt a company’s reputation. 

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How Bots Can Be Used in Social Engineering Attacks

People are social and want to help others whenever possible but doing so in a digital work environment can allow bad actors to deceive unsuspecting individuals into providing access to sensitive information. When threat actors manipulate one of your employees into performing an action or giving information — the definition of social engineering — your entire organization could be at risk. 

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Dive Inside the Mind of a Hacker in Kevin Mitnick’s Book, The Art of Deception

Kevin Mitnick, founder of Mitnick Security, is known worldwide for his part in transforming the information security industry into what it is today. It’s hard to imagine that it all started with a kid who had unsupervised free time and an insatiable curiosity for magic tricks and the budding tech industry — but it did. Kevin grew up learning that tricking people in the form of social engineering and cybersecurity hacking was not only fun, it earned him attention and respect. 

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Common Hacking Techniques in 2022 and Predictions for 2023

Hacking techniques are ever-evolving, and it’s important to keep up with new threats. Threat actors are usually after two things from your business: data or money. Usually, they’re motivated by both, as uncovering a wealth of data can help them to cash in at the detriment of your business. 

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What Is a Social Engineering Attack — The Basics

Social engineering is one of the most popular techniques used in cybercrime today. In fact, Firewall Times reports that, “98% of cyber attacks involve some form of social engineering.” Why is social engineering effective against even the most secure organizations? It’s simple. Social engineering tactics take advantage of our inherent kindness and trusting nature to benefit the people-savvy hacker — the social engineer. 

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