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How To Book a Cybersecurity Speaker for Your Event

Any cybersecurity event — in-person or virtual — is only “worth it” if the audience is engaged and comes out of the event with the knowledge and power to improve the security posture of your organization. 

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What Is a Social Engineering Attack?

Most organizations use security scans to protect their data and employees from threat actors, however, a simple scan may not be updated or thorough enough to catch everything. Additionally, a scan doesn’t account for one major vulnerability within an organization: its employees. 

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5 of the Best Cybersecurity Books

Cybersecurity can be defined as the ways in which an organization protects itself against unauthorized access or unauthorized use of the organization’s network, private data, or assets. When organizations suffer data breaches and compromised systems at the hands of threat actors, they often look for ways to improve their cybersecurity posture, and cyber security books are a great way to do this.

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What Are the Phases of a Pentest?

When your business is unprepared, threat actors can take advantage of vulnerabilities and compromise your systems. In some cases, vulnerability scans and assessments may help you get back on track. However, if you know you have an internal cyber security incident or have had one that you’ve been told is now “fixed,” a penetration test may be the right option to improve the security posture of your organization. 

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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Virtual Versus In-Person Events

Hosting a cybersecurity event can not only empower your team, but it can also strengthen the posture of your organization. The real choice isn’t if you should host an event — you definitely should — but how to host it. Cyber security events can be a virtual event experience or in-person, and there are several speakers you can hire for either option. 

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What is a Pentest Framework?

Penetration tests are performed by cybersecurity companies to help find weaknesses in an organization's network, in internal systems, and show that organization how threat actors can exploit those vulnerabilities. 

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3 Facts About Kevin Mitnick & the Global Ghost Team

Kevin Mitnick and his team of penetration testers, called the Global Ghost Team, are known for helping organizations find weaknesses within their cybersecurity framework through penetration testing. Kevin is a trusted security consultant to Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. 

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How the Free Kevin Movement Changed the Cyber Security Industry

Kevin Mitnick’s journey to notoriety started when he was a kid playing pranks by changing telephone numbers. However, he didn’t catch the attention of the world until he tested his skills in deeper, more dangerous waters — just to see if he could. 

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Are Social Engineering Attacks on the Rise?

The short answer is: YES. Social engineering attacks are on the rise, and these attacks from bad actors could threaten your organization. 

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What is Product Claims Testing?

When it comes to protecting your organization, it is important to have full confidence in the products you sell or the services you purchase. Unfortunately, the cyber security industry is overflowing with companies that market products by grossly overstating their cyber threat detection capabilities.

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