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Famed ethical hacker Kevin Mitnick to give live hacking demo at HIMSS18

Presentations at VMware booth will give attendees an up-close look at how criminals infiltrate systems. 

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Top 5 ethical hackers you should doff your white hat to

Have you got the skills to be an ethical hacker? They are highly valued by major organisations across the globe.

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SEE LIVE: Top hacker coming to Antigua

One of the foremost computer hackers in the world, turned security consultant, will be in Antigua and Barbuda next week as the country plays host to regional leaders and ICT professionals for a summit and symposium on e-governance.

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Hackerbay: The legit website that pays you to embrace the dark side

“Criminals of Curiosity”

The word “hacker” conjures many mental images in the marketplace, and very, very few of them are good. Seriously, it’s pretty much Snowden and Angelina Jolie with a pixie cut, and plenty of people don’t like Snowden.

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