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Learn the safest way to surf the Internet without fear of hackers

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Do you not feel paranoid when surfing the internet? Feels like someone reads your email, knows your online activity or sees what you have in your computer? Or you want to troll people on social media but fear they may know who you really are?

A famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick explained an easy way to surf the Internet safely.

Before this, many people suggested the use of browser Tor to hide the identity of certain parties. Many government agencies and journalists use the Tor web browser because they want to keep secret and confidential information.

But after the arrest of Ross Ulbricht, a drug tycoon who run the drug trade activities online, Kevin knew an individual who used Tor, and still his identity was exposed, so can be attacked by black hat hackers,  and, therefore,  is not 100% safe to use.

According to Kevin, the best way is to download the plugin "Https Everywhere." You can get additional plugin for users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox .

Source: Iluminasi

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