What You Get When You Invest in Mitnick Red Team Pentesting

A data breach can have extremely negative impacts on businesses, including financial losses as well as harm to their reputation with clients, customers, and workers.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your security stack is prepared for any cybersecurity threats. With tailored Red Team testing, you can fortify your security to defend against data breaches and much more.

A Red Team spends weeks planning its attack on an organization’s security. The goal is to find gaps that let them move throughout your system, exfil as much information as possible — as predetermined before the engagement — and then exit without detection.

A Red Team Engagement is done differently at Mitnick Security, and that's why leading international brands continue to hire us for the job. Here's what you get with our world-class Red Teaming engagement:


5 Benefits of Red Team Penetration Testing With Mitnick Security

1. An Experienced Red Team

When you hire Kevin Mitnick for a Red Team Engagement, you aren’t exclusively working with the world’s once most wanted hacker; you’re also tapping into some of the best senior security specialists and researchers in the biz: all forming The Global Ghost Team™.

It’s a hard reality that some Red Teams hire novice pentesters to work under one master lead. All of our Red Team, however, has a minimum of 10 years of experience conducting deep penetration tests — and are known within the cybersecurity community for their advanced manual techniques to find otherwise indistinguishable vulnerabilities.

2. A Defined Kick-off Process

While some Red Team pentesters may dive into your security infrastructure with minimal discussions, we emphasize the importance of explorative introductory conversations. Without wasting time, we lead your team through scope discussions, ensuring we understand your goals, setting the bull’s eye on our target(s) and clearly defining the rules of engagement.

These detailed kick-off terms ensure that our goals are in alignment with yours and that everyone involved has a baseline for what may come. In a Red Team penetration testing engagement, where the test lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks, it’s pertinent to understand what disruptive behaviors are fair game versus. which aren’t. 

Even after the initial terms are settled, The Global Ghost Team™ spends a heavy portion of the assessment in the pre-attack phase, performing extensive open-source intelligence research before making any moves. While you might think this is an assumed part of the Red Teaming methodology, every pentester takes a different approach and some spend less time strategizing than your company paid for.

3. A Personalized Red Team Engagement

Based on the established rules of engagement, goals, and disruption allowed, our Ghost Team will then begin the engagement process.

But our engagement process is not like that of other pentesting companies.

A key difference between a traditional penetration test and our Red Team Engagement is that as Red Teamers, we have complete freedom over the methods and pathways we use to breach systems. That means we try any way possible to find an entry point, leveraging a long list of attack vectors. 

We take a unique approach by dividing into “mini” attack teams. Three pentesters may focus on internal networks. Another tester may look for a web app vulnerability. After, we come together and agree on a collective plan before simultaneously executing our attack. Once our Red Team is in, we regroup and move laterally throughout your system as one unit.

4. Communication Throughout the Engagement

Some pentesters like their autonomy during the attack phase and “go dark” after the start of the engagement. This can sometimes concern the target company, who may go weeks without hearing a peep from the Red Teamers. 

At Mitnick Security, we know those involved in the pentest want to stay updated. That’s why our team is available 24/7 on a dedicated channel created just for your team. We’re there for any questions or suspicions you may have to confirm the activity is our team and not that of a threat actor.

Although — similar to a real attack — we won’t tell you when we’ve made the breach, we notify you immediately if we find any critical vulnerabilities and inform you when the test is near completion.

5. A Robust Pentest Report

At the end of the Red Team penetration testing, you’ll receive a pentest report detailing all findings during the engagement. This report goes beyond telling you what we found — we give you a comprehensive breakdown of how you can remediate any vulnerabilities.

Additionally, all vulnerabilities are labeled from informational to critical risk so you know the exact vulnerability to target and what steps should be taken to solve it.


Choose Mitnick As Your Penetration Testing Company

Given that there were almost 2,000 data compromises in 2022 alone, taking the necessary security measures can help ensure your business doesn’t become a victim of a devastating data breach.

Investing in Red Team penetration testing verifies that your security stack can withstand an actual cybersecurity attack.

Explore our Red Team pentesting services and begin working with the world's most exclusive security professionals.

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