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Common Hacking Techniques in 2023 and Predictions for 2024

Threat actors are typically after two things from your business: data or money. Usually, they’re motivated by both, as data can help them cash in at the expense of your business. In fact, in 2023, cyber attacks are estimated to amount to $8 trillion in total costs.

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User Deception: The Biggest Cyber Threat CISOs are Forgetting

As a CISO, you're always looking for the next big breakthrough to increase your organization's overall security posture. 

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5 Examples of Top Social Engineering Attacks

There’s something both humbling and terrifying about watching industry giants like Twitter and Uber fall victim to cyber attacks.

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Recognizing and Preventing Social Engineering on Social Media

To connect with friends, family, and coworkers, it’s likely that we have all overshared our personal information on social platforms more than once. Unfortunately, the ease of access to an individual or company’s information has made social media an easy target for threat actors. 

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6 Types of Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks account for a massive portion of all cyber attacks. Since COVID-19, these attacks are on the rise. More than 90% of successful hacks and data breaches start with social engineering. 

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Uber Data Breach: What To Know About the 2022 Cybersecurity Attack

No matter how robust network security is, even the biggest companies fall victim to cyber attacks. These malicious attacks can be costly — to the tune of 4.3 million on average — but they also disrupt operations and hurt a company’s reputation. 

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How Bots Can Be Used in Social Engineering Attacks

People are social and want to help others whenever possible but doing so in a digital work environment can allow bad actors to deceive unsuspecting individuals into providing access to sensitive information. When threat actors manipulate one of your employees into performing an action or giving information — the definition of social engineering — your entire organization could be at risk. 

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What Is a Social Engineering Attack — The Basics

Social engineering is one of the most popular techniques used in cybercrime today. In fact, Firewall Times reports that, “98% of cyber attacks involve some form of social engineering.” Why is social engineering effective against even the most secure organizations? It’s simple. Social engineering tactics take advantage of our inherent kindness and trusting nature to benefit the people-savvy hacker — the social engineer. 

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The Most Common Social Engineering Techniques We’re Seeing This Year

With today’s available technology, threat actors have become masterminds at exploiting vulnerabilities to steal private data, and sometimes, even gain system control of organizations. Not surprisingly, 98% of cyber attacks involve social engineering tactics. 

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What Is a Social Engineering Attack?

Most organizations use security scans to protect their data and employees from threat actors, however, a simple scan may not be updated or thorough enough to catch everything. Additionally, a scan doesn’t account for one major vulnerability within an organization: its employees. 

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