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How To Book a Cybersecurity Speaker for Your Event

Any cybersecurity event — in-person or virtual — is only “worth it” if the audience is engaged and comes out of the event with the knowledge and power to improve the security posture of your organization. 

This is why a cyber security speaker can help your event be beneficial from a personal and professional perspective — if you’ve hired the right speaker. Below, we’ll discuss three safeguards for making sure you book the right cybersecurity speaker for your event.


1. Do Your Research

If your audience is excited about a speaker, your event is more likely to have a large, engaged crowd. To achieve that goal, you’ll need a speaker who can reach your audience and draw them in. Consider the following when researching the best speaker for your event:

  • Website. Is this person a cybersecurity professional? If so, they should have a website that showcases their services.
  • Social Media. Do they have a social media presence? Are they a popular choice for events?
  • References. Who recommends this speaker? Check for references and reviews to gain insight.
  • Credentials. Consider certifications, cybersecurity experience, and if they have their own business within the industry.
  • Availability. Check to make sure that they are available to book during your event.

When you do your research, compare what each speaker can bring to your event, and how your audience may interact differently with different approaches to cybersecurity awareness and learning opportunities. 


2. You Get What You Pay For

Hosting an in-person event is costly and may not give you the space in your budget to hire a worthy speaker. Therefore, a virtual event can open the door to a whole new level of speakers who can leave an impact the moment they start speaking. 

Paying for a cybersecurity speaker who is experienced with virtual events will ensure that everyone who attends online will be happy to tune in and possible disruptions, such as presentation tech issues, will be kept to a minimum. 

Budget for a noteworthy speaker to make the most of the event. When booking a virtual cybersecurity speaker, you should expect:

  • An option that allows a run-through of the presentation for you and important decision-makers before final approval.
  • A speaker who can do a live demo and/or a Q&A during the presentation.
  • The ability to set a time limit that your speaker will follow to keep your virtual event on track.
  • Real-world advice to help your audience avoid getting hacked.
  • A speaker who leaves an impression and gets your team talking about important cybersecurity topics.

    A quality speaker will come prepared and make your investment worthwhile so you will want to book them again when the time comes.


3. Your Event is Only as Valuable as Your Speaker

Having a speaker who can open the eyes of the audience to the world of cybersecurity is what makes the event. This can be possible through a speaker who shows the audience how live hacks originate in real-time and what access points hackers can use to infiltrate your organization. When booking a speaker, make sure that they can use their presentation time in a way that is holistically beneficial for your audience. 

An expert speaker may also be able to show the ins and outs of social engineering tactics, demo the latest phishing attack on a popular cloud platform, and walk through how Log4j works under the hood. Through this engaging education format, your audience will become more aware of vulnerabilities and what they can do to further secure their organization against intrusion.


A Great Cybersecurity Speaker — and More  

If you want to host a cyber security event that engages your audience and encourages them to be aware of threats, then hiring the right speaker is crucial. Kevin Mitnick, the founder of Mitnick Security, has helped many organizations through webinars, penetration testing, and live hacking demos, and is seen as a top authority for all things cyber security. 

While choosing and booking your speaker is a crucial part of the experience, there are other considerations and steps to hosting a memorable and educational event. To find out if your virtual event ticks all the boxes, download your copy of The Ultimate Virtual Cyber Security Event Checklist.New call-to-action


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