Tick All the Boxes for Your Next Cyber Security Presentation

Use The Ultimate Virtual Cyber Security Event Checklist.

If it’s been a while since you’ve planned and hosted a virtual cyber security event, or if this is your very first one, you may not know where to start. Organizing a cyber security event that impresses and educates your audience can be virtually pain-free if you have a wealth of resources to pull from. That’s why this guide includes all the tips and tricks you need for a successful event.  

Gain knowledge from a top cyber security speaker on every stage of the process from the “Why do it in the first place,” to the last test run before the big date.

This guide will cover:

  • The importance of cyber security training.
  • The “show not tell” method.
  • The benefits of ending with Q&A.
  • Choosing the right time.
  • Scheduling a test run.
  • And more.

Begin creating a memorable virtual cyber event by downloading The Ultimate Virtual Cyber Security Event Checklist today.