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4 Reasons to Invest in Product Claims Testing with Mitnick Security

When we talk to customers who have worked with other vendors, we hear the same complaints across the board:

Other companies tend to spend very little time finding out what real security issues their product has — instead, throwing a bunch of things at it until something breaks. This tends to be noisy and can create potential downtimes for their products or services.

At Mitnick Security, we do things differently. Here are four reasons to trust our product claims testing over others:


1. We test in a real environment.

One of the core differences between our product claims testing and others is that we test how products and services perform in a real environment, not a staged lab.

We leverage a unique combination of industry-standard testing procedures and proprietary penetration testing techniques. That important distinction in our approach allows us to see first-hand how products work during real-world attacks.


2. We have an industry-leading team.

Not all security testing companies hire the same caliber of talent. Here at Mitnick Security, our testers are senior-level security professionals with at least 10 years conducting product claims, social engineering, and penetration testing — known amongst the industry for their unmatched expertise. 

Our team prides itself on only conducting tests that resemble actual intruder attacks. While vulnerability scans have a time and place, we always move past surface-level threat detection to real targeted attacks to simulate the actions of a true security adversary.


3. We communicate clearly along the way.

With other teams, they’ll often begin with a product claims test that has little prior context or a poorly defined scope. With Mitnick Security, we always begin with a thorough kick-off meeting to discuss what your goals are for the engagement. We then provide mid-testing communication to update you on our progress and see if we need to add new goals. 

Additionally, we make sure that you are always in communication with our team at every step of our testing. During the engagement, we have a dedicated, instant communication channel set up for you to contact us with questions. 

We want you to find us on your systems and to let us know when you do. We want to train along the way and to send detailed strategies and solutions to remediate the vulnerabilities we find in the product claims testing — so communication is always a top priority.


4. We offer in-depth reporting with remediation recommendations.

When the testing phase is complete, we’ll compile and review our report using a rigorous process of manual confirmations and peer reviews, unlike other testers in the industry.

Once you receive the final report, you’ll have time to review it, request changes and ask questions before our teams meet again for a post-engagement debriefing. Here, we’ll discuss all our discoveries and address your pressing questions. We’ll share professional recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities we find in the product claims testing — setting you up for future success. 


Product Claims Testing with The Global Ghost Team

Our team is a unique force within the industry. As proud product-agnostic testers, we do not profit from recommending any product or service (outside of our partnership with KnowBe4 security awareness training). 

Trust our team for unbiased results — straight from true security experts dedicated to helping you find the best of the best for your function and environment, never pushing endorsements. 

Whether it is for a business purchase or you’re building a case for negligence, we’re here to help you build a more secure tech landscape. Contact us today.

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