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Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!
Our Team has a 100% Success Rate!

Mitnick Security Clients

Do you need a huge draw for attendees and sponsors?


Do you want an unforgettable experience?

There is no one like Kevin.


"In our world, Kevin Mitnick is our David Beckham or Lebron James" KPMG

"The Worlds Most Famous Hacker" CNN

Latest News

Kevin's Record Crowds Continue in 2018!

At every event in 2017, Kevin's hosts enjoyed record attendance! Plus, almost all events achieved record sponsorship, revenue or lead generation depending on their focus. This trend continues in 2018 with no sign of slowing down. As the top keynote speaker on cybersecurity, Kevin's exceptional draw power at all events is undeniable, whether the event focus is technology or not.


The Top Cybersecurity Keynote Speaker

"If hackers were rock stars, Kevin Mitnick would be Mick Jagger" News.com

"We would need to give out FREE PUPPIES this year to match the record crowds and excitement that

Kevin Mitnick generated at our tradeshow booth last year, so, we just booked him again!" VMware

The Most Elusive Computer Break-in Artist in History


Don't know Kevin? Watch this 7-minute overview:


Late Night Fun - His Bestselling Books - Sample CNN


Do you want your attendees to know the real threat from hackers?


It takes one to know one.

Book Cover for Ghost in the Wires - My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hacker - by Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is the world's most famous hacker, global bestselling author, and the top cybersecurity keynote speaker.

Once one of the FBI's Most Wanted because he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge, Kevin is now a trusted security consultant to the Fortune 500 and governments worldwide. Kevin mentors leaders, executives, and staff on both the theory and practice of social engineering, topics on which he is the leading global authority. Kevin also helps consumers —from students to retirees— learn how to protect their information and themselves from harm.

As the CEO of Mitnick Security Consulting, Kevin and The Global Ghost Team now maintain a 100 percent successful track record of being able to penetrate the security of any system they are paid to hack into using a combination of technical exploits and social engineering. Also, in his role of Chief Hacking Officer of KnowBe4 he helps produce the most popular security awareness training platform in the world to counteract social engineering and to improve security effectiveness. 

Kevin's presentations are technology magic shows that educate and inform while keeping people on the edge of their seats. He offers expert commentary on issues related to information security and increases "security awareness."

 His New York Times Bestselling Autobiography

"Delegates at the event gave Kevin a rating of 98% for content and 98% for delivery. I’m sure you will agree the scores were sensational!" ACCENTURE 

Never seen Kevin present and hack live? Watch this 18-minute overview:


Intro by Woz - Hacking and Speaking Clips - Audience Q&A


KEVIN TODAY: What he does other than public speaking


Kevin is a global bestselling author

His books are available in over 50 countries and 20 languages. 




Kevin is a Global Media Icon and Legendary Cybersecurity Celebrity


"The World's Greatest Hacker" Fox News

As the world's most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick has been the subject of countless news, books, movies and magazine articles published throughout the world. His social media has an exceptionally strong and loyal following from all walks of life.



I AM REBEL: Phreaks and Geeks

Currently syndicated in > 170 countries and > 40 languages

National Geographic Channel’s 2016 live action biography from the producer of “Bourne”




LO AND BEHOLD: Reveries of the Connected World

The 2016 theatrical release is now available for home viewing

By highly acclaimed documentary director Werner Herzog includes a chapter on Kevin, Elon Musk and other technology icons




Kevin is the global authority on hacking for breaking news

Sample Recent Unsolicited News Coverage: ABC, Al Jazeera, Arab Times, BBC, Billboard, Business Review, CBC, CBS, CFO Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, China Central Television, CNBC, CNET, CNN, CNN International, CNN Money, Computerworld, Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly, Financial Review, Forbes, FoxNews, Fox 5, Fox 13, Guardian, Hollywood Reporter, Huffington Post, IDG, InfoWorld, NBC, New York Business Journal, New York Times, News.com, Re/Code, Register, Russia Today, Security InfoWatch, Street Insider, Tech Republic, USA Today, Variety, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Yahoo Finance, ZDnet and many more.



Kevin has a global loyal following from around the world

Kevin is a major viral channel for Cybersecurity, and his thinking goes globally viral instantly. Kevin's own social media continues to be a powerhouse: For example, his growing 220,000 "real" twitter followers (@kevinmitnick) consists of just about the entire world's press, security professionals, governments, the key security thought leaders, and a legion of fans from around the globe.


Kevin Tests Security Worldwide.

(Yes, he still hacks.)


"Kevin showed me the check he had written to himself using our internal system for $6 million; I knew all of our preconceived notions of security had to be changed." CEO, Fortune 500 Financial Company


"In two weeks, $4 billion worth of our data and intellectual property was sitting in front of me on an external drive! My own team told me nothing was missing, the same team that had said hacking us would be impossible." CEO, Fortune 500 Software Company


Kevin Mitnick's Security Awareness Training is #1

The World’s Most Popular Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing Platform

Kevin is the Chief Hacking Officer (CHO) of KnowB4 and based upon his 30+ year unique first-hand hacking experience, you now have a tool to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks.


"KnowBe4 has separated itself as a leader in the cyber security awareness training market, with their platform becoming a 'need to have' for businesses across sectors and geographies in the fight against cyber threats." GOLDMAN SACHS




Sample Hosts of Kevin


"... the unique ability to connect with both technical and non-technical groups" Dell


Example Hosts from Seventeen Years of Public Speaking and Media Appearances:
41st Parameter, A10 Networks, Abbey Reid Public Safety and Security Group, Accenture, AIM Institute, Alabama Power, Allegro, Altiris, American Financial Services Association (AFSA), American Financial Systems Association, Ameriquest, Arco, Asgent, ACUTA, AT&T, ATI, Banamex, BBVA Compass, BIC Gipuzkoa Berrilan, BT, Carbon Black, Carnegie Mellon, Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (CAIS), C4XPO, CAIS, Calgary Board of Education, CBS, CeBIT, CIOSynergy, Cirosec, Citrix, Cloudmark, Cmark, College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME), Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Finance Council, ConnectWise, Continuum, CSC Executive Exchange, CyberSource, Cyber Innovation Center, Cyber Investing Summit, Cyber Protection Resources, D Software, Data Center World, Dasher Technologies, Dell, Dell Security Group, Dell Software, Denton County, DigiCert, Deutsche Messe AG, Diebold, Discover Card, DST Systems, Dubai World Trade Center, e.Republic, Ecuadorian Systems, Elsag, Energy Insurance Mutual, Entel, ePlus, EuroFinance, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), FedEx, FBI, Fidelity, First Financial Bank, FireMon, FIS Global, Fiserv, Fishnet, Food Industry Services, Fort-Ross, Freescale, Futura Networks, Future Com, Gartner, General Atlantic, General Dynamics, General Satellite, Globb TV, Google, Government of Antigua and Barbuda, Guard ID, Harvard, Hannover Fairs, Health Information System Society, HealthTrust, Hewlett Packard (HP), Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), HostingCon, Humana, IBM, Ioconvex, IDC, InfoBlox, Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), Imago Techmedia, Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Information Today, InfoSec, Infragard, Investment Company Institute (ICI), Intel, Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA), ISPIN AG, ITT Market, IT Web, JP Morgan Chase, Juniper Networks, KIO Networks, KnowBe4, KPMG, Lenovo, Liberty Stage, Linda Hall Library, LifeLock, Lockheed Martin, Mailchimp, Management Circle, MasterCard, Menlo Ventures, Merchant Risk Council, MetLife, Microsoft, MIS Training, MOBI Wireless, Moneris, Munich Reinsurance, Narus, NASA, National Association of Convenience Stores (NASC), National Geographic, Nationwide, nCircle, NETpeas, NETucation, Neustar, NJ State Library, Nordic eCommerce Knowledge, 02, OneBeacon, Ontario Systems, OpenText, Oracle, Palo Alto Networks, Palsit, Phion, Pereira & O’Dell, Principa College, Public World, Qualys, Quest Media, Red Sky, Reed Exhibitions, Regent University, Relay Ventures, Rhino, RiskMathics, Rose State College, Sabre, Sailpoint Technologies, Satcom Direct, Security Network of America, Siemens, Skyrr, Shift4, Social Security Administration, Solve Media, South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, Society of Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters (CPCU), Southern Utah University, Spiceworks, SupportSoft, Symantec, Systems Management Planning (SMP), Tata Consulting, Technology Nexus, Techweb, Telefonica, Teleperformance, Tencent, Tomascon, Toshiba, Toyota, Travelocity, United Arab Emirates PMO, UBM, ULM, US Congress, US Senate, Unatek, United Planners, Vækstfonden, Vantagem, Verafin, Visa, VIA Technology, VMware, VMware User Group (VMUG), Vocent, Voxeo, Watchcom, Websense, Wells Fargo, World Government Summit, Worldnet, Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), Zenlok, Ziff Davis, Zilog, Zimperium, Zix Corporation and more...


Keynote Selections


Kevin offers three excellent presentations, two are based on his best-selling books. His presentations are akin to technology magic shows that educate and inform while keeping people on the edge of their seats. He offers expert commentary on issues related to information security and increases "security awareness."

Most Popular

With Live Hacking Demonstrations of the Current Threats to You and Your Organization

It takes one to know one

People are the weakest link. They can be manipulated or influenced into unknowingly helping hackers break into their organization’s computers. You’ll learn how easily you can be an unsuspecting victim who can be manipulated into handing over the keys the kingdom, if you haven’t done so already. In this engaging and demonstration-rich experience, Kevin Mitnick illustrates how a hacker’s thought process works and how they ply their tradecraft. You just might realize that you—like almost everyone else on the planet—have a misplaced reliance on security technology, which has now become ineffective against a motivated hacker using a technique called "social engineering."

Kevin is uniquely qualified to take you inside the mind of a hacker, as it takes one to know one. He was once the FBI’s Most Wanted, although he never stole for profit or damaged systems. He is the most elusive computer break-in artist in history because he hacked into the NSA and more than 40 major corporations just for the fun and adventure. Kevin is `now a trusted security consultant to Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide, and he leads the world’s top security penetration testing team and they maintains a 100 percent successful track record of being able to penetrate the security of any system they are paid to hack into using a combination of technical exploits and social engineering.

Kevin is the worldwide authority on social engineering and constantly improves and updates this highly effective and acclaimed "security awareness" presentation that illustrates the latest threats and risks most people don’t even know exist.

You’ll learn how to detect manipulation and take steps to protect yourself and your organization. Gain the power to think defensively.

"...sitting on the edge of their seats..." Core

Thrill Ride

Go on the Run with the Most Wanted Hacker in the World

The Catch Me if You Can of the Modern Age

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience. Come on the run and escape with Kevin as he takes you on this hilarious and mind-boggling adventure based upon his New York Times bestselling autobiography, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker.

This is the Story the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Kevin is a master storyteller who puts you right in the action of this sophisticated cat-and-mouse game that led authorities through false identities, jumping from city to city, plenty of close shaves, and ultimately, a bizarre showdown with the feds. He was the most elusive computer break-in artist in history. Although he never stole for financial gain or damaged systems, he did hack into the NSA and more than 40 major corporations just for the fun and adventure. He spent years skipping through cyberspace, and no matter how fast the authorities were, Kevin was faster, using technology not only to evade but also to spy on and track his pursuers. His story--packed with hysterical pranks and fear-driven hysteria--actually started a movement and changed how companies secure their information. Would you like to see a real ghost?

"You opened their eyes, and that's what I wanted." World Game Protection

Leverage Kevin

A Scripted Conversation with Live Hacking

With your team Kevin will create a custom experience with real live hacking that will inform, entertain and educate your attendees.

Don’t just tell them… show them!

Kevin stands alone in the world of cyber security speakers. This presentation will provide you the advanced ability of making your talking points come alive on stage. In this very popular scripted Q&A format you’ll coordinate pre-arranged questions with Kevin so that he’ll have amazing hacking demonstrations to illustrate the key answers and event messaging. Your audience will be more attentive as they are engrossed within a unique experience akin to a “technology magic show”.

Create affinity with the top knowledge expert

You will provide a moderator, who, we suggest, should be part of your closing team for enterprise clients after the event, to be on stage with Kevin. This will help to create affinity for your team and recognition of the individual.

Your audience will easily grasp your concepts as Kevin showcases current hacks both he and his team use during penetration testing to evaluate his clients’ networks, systems and devices for security vulnerabilities. He’ll also stand side-by-side with you to help elevate the services, competency and message of you and your team because of his own first class reputation as a world authority on cybersecurity.

Create an unforgettable message from an unforgettable event experience.


Event Add-ons

"...funny and definitely in the zone..." Microsoft

Make your event a legendary experience:

Book Signings by Kevin Mitnick


Book Signings - Line them up around the block.

Panels - The top panelist to illustrate real threats

Private Events - Use Kevin to attract leads and deals, and to treat your special guests to a once-in-alifetime meeting they won’t forget. Kevin’s presence at an event is an excellent way to attract key sponsors.  

Press Conferences - Gain instant media attention.


Kevin Mitnick's Security Awareness Training Logo


Security Awareness Training - Exclusive Add-on - After the event.

Event hosts may be eligible to receive special licensing for attendees of the world's most popular security awareness training.

Kevin's famous business card is actually a lock pick and is a great giveaway at events


Legendary Lockpick - Exclusive Add-on - Lead Booster - Capture every event lead possible. Purchase Kevin's famous business cards in bulk and then advertise that attendees can come to your booth and exchange their own card for this coveted piece of legendary modern memorabilia.






Speakers Bureaus are always welcome, please go here.