We asked Kevin Mitnick for the most realistic film about the hackers

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As a lover of pop culture, I could not resist. During a meeting with Kevin Mitnick at the Business Insider Inside Trends conference, I asked him a question about a video that he thinks shows the hackers in the most likely way. In response, I heard a title that I forgot about. And this is strange, because in many circles it is even considered cult. This movie is "Burglars".

- The most realistic film about hackers are " Burglars" . All the rest is sewage - said Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous hacker. - They are much more realistic than "War Games" or "Hacks". And the most absurd of those I saw was the " Access Code . " He is simply stupid. But this is the film industry. You have to remember that this is only fiction - added Mitnick.

"Burglars" and hackers

I decided to recall the 1992 movie directed by Phil Alden Robinson. He tells about the adventures of a group of hackers and former criminals (in their roles, among others, Robert Redford and Dan Aykroyd) who ... break into various institutions at their request and check the level of security. Sounds familiar? That's exactly what Mitnick has been doing professionally for over a dozen years.

The bank's secretary who pays the money to the main character for hacking at the beginning of the movie asks:

- So they pay you for the burglary to protect yourself against burglaries?

- Such a job.

- Not very good.

At some point, the main character receives an offer that he can not refuse. But I encourage you to watch the movie to see for yourself how the action develops.

However, the creators of the film succeeded already in 1992 (in front of Facebook and Google, before the era of smartphones, and even before most of us connected to the internet at all and set up, among others, mailboxes), present a vision in which digital information and access to them is a very important tool.

Links to real hackers and cryptographers

Professor Len Adleman , one of the three mathematicians responsible for the RSA algorithm (Rivesta-Shaman-Adleman algorithm), was one of the consultants during the production of the film , one of the most popular cryptographic algorithms in the world.

In the film you can also see the Cray Y-MP supercomputer .

The creators also referred to the existing legends of the world of hackers and cyber-surfers. The character played by Dan Aykroyd in one of the scenes holds a pack of "Cap'n Crunch" in his hand - a tribute to John T. Draper , known mainly as Captain Crunc h. The word "crunch" also appears on the Scrabble screen in the film.

Draper is one of the most famous phreakers , ie people who used tricks to launch special telephone functions (eg not to pay for calls). Draper owes its nickname to the whistle found in the "Cap'n Crunch" package. By broadcasting sound at the right frequency with the use of the said whistle, Captain Crunch could connect to the telephone network.

Whistling also has one of the characters in the movie, or Whistler. The blind hacker is modeled on Joe Engressii - a blind telephone expert with absolute hearing. Engressia was one of the first phreakers.

To view the original article and to watch an excellent Inside Trends interview ( 9:22 minutes)  with Kevin Mitnick, please refer to the source.


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