WATCH LIVE: World famous hacker Kevin Mitnick confirmed as one of many speakers at INSIDE TRENDS conference

  • Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous hacker, is one of many to have been confirmed as a speaker at the INSIDE TRENDS conference.
  • The event is expected to be one of the biggest on business trends in Europe this year.
  • The conference will answer questions on how technologies could revolutionise finance, the media, medicine and health.
  • The event is set to go ahead over October 18 and 19 at the Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw.

Organised by Business Insider Polska, Business Insider's INSIDE TRENDS conference is confirmed to be taking place on October 18 and 19 this fall. The conference, which will see world-class experts hosting discussions on global market trends, is expected to be one of the biggest events on business trends in Europe this year.

The event will answer questions on how new technologies will revolutionise modern finance, the media, medicine and health — as well as questions on how we'll soon be living within the next two to three years.

Set to take place at the Centrum Praskie Koneser in Warsaw, confirmed speakers at INSIDE TRENDS include world-famous hacker Kevin Mitnick, inventor of the flying car Juraj Vaculik, as well as Igor Bogicevic, whose company Seven Bridges Genomics is working on replacing human drug trials with algorithms.

Divided into three thematic zones — "FinTech", "Life Science" and "Business 4.0" — the conference will be attended by 1000 professionals with backgrounds ranging from marketing and the media to science and business.

Juraj Vaculik, who innovated a flying car, is just one of many confirmed to be speaking at the INSIDE TRENDS conference.AeroMobil
Talking about the conference, Jovan Protic, COO of Onet-RAS Polska Group, said: "With blockchain, cryptocurrencies and AI, the financial sector will never look the same. There is a lot of talking but there are rarely easy answers and digestible information that can inform our strategies on fintech."

He emphasised that INSIDE TRENDS is about concrete, pragmatic advice that's applicable within the next two to three years, and will better your strategy for future.

In addition to the aforementioned, the following guest-speakers have also been confirmed for the conference:

  • Thomas Krogh Jensen , Managing Director of Copenhagen FinTech.
  • Atanas Raykov Business Development Director of CIS & CEE in Viber.
  • Felix Oberholzer-Gee business strategies researcher at the Harvard Business School.
  • Laurenti Arnault CEO of WT Vox, a company supporting fashion innovation with AI and VR technology.
  • Arkadiusz Hajduk President of the Management Board of MEDDO S.A., a company offering health technology using AI and deep learning.
  • Edyta Kocyk Businesswoman of the Year 2014 in two categories and co-founder at SiDLY.
  • Wojciech Radomski founder of StethoMe™, the world's first electronic stethoscope for respiratory health.
  • Tomasz Czechowicz co-founder and partner of the MCI Capital fund.
  • Fedele Di Maggio co-founder and CEO of DiPocket Limited, creator of financial management applications.
  • Karol Sadaj who specialises in international payment solutions such as the Revolut multi-currency card.
  • Maciej Szurek co-founder and CMO RemmedVR, which uses virtual reality in medicine.
  • Łukasz Dyląg founder and CEO of VoicePIN, which uses speech recognition technology in business.
  • Ross Sleight CSO of the SOMO consulting company, and an expert on markets and consumer behaviour.
  • Bartosz Borucki of the University of Warsaw,uses mathematical models, machine teaching, artificial intelligence and visual methods to support radiology, diagnostics and surgery.

In addition to the conference program and a list of guest speakers, you can find more information about Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS here and journalists can also get involved with the event using this form.

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