WATCH: Hackers and state authorities you can follow through a camera cell phone

How easy it is to hack into a cell phone and secretly turn on a camera

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People know that computers can have malware, but not everyone is aware that cell phones are vulnerable. Kevin Mitnick , a hacker and author of the book "The Art of Invisibility", explains two simple ways you can hack into a cell phone, according to Business Insider .

"How easy is it to hack someone else's cell phone and secretly switch the camera on him and spy on everything the other person is doing? There are two simple ways. If someone has physical access to the phone, such as iPhone and knows the code, then the matter is quite simple.

There is software that can be purchased on the Internet for a few hundred dollars. One of them is called Through it you can turn on the camera of someone else's cell phone, can read all messages, even those that have been deleted, can eavesdrop on calls. Also, one can see the exact location of the person. Something like having a GPS attached to yourself. But to make it all happen, the person who has bad intentions must be near you. Such things usually work for spouses or partners when they suspect fraud, "said Mitnick.

Two ways of hacking

Mitnick adds that another way of hacking the remote control. "And, they do -  law enforcement, FBI, State, NSA ... They actually take advantage of the weaknesses that are found in cell phone software. If national authorities decide to compromise someone, they will make it very simple, that you will not even know. There is no way that people discover that they have malware on their mobile phones.

But one of the things people can do to protect their privacy, for instance, always get the latest version of iOS that Apple has out and have a strong password on the mobile phone for which no one else knows. If you ever suspect that your phone is infected with malware, what you can do is reload the firmware, which means you will get your iPhone back to factory settings. Well, if it was infected with malware, after this it's gone, "explained Mitnick.

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