VIEW THIS: 50 photos from Inside Trends. after which you will say, “I must be there in a year!”

Over 80 speakers and speakers, around 1500 participants, three scenes: FinTech, Life Science and Business 4.0, two workshop rooms, video studio and coworking space - this is how you can describe the extraordinary event that was the first Business Insider Inside Trends conference - one of the the most important events of this type in the CEE region. For two days, October 18-19, 2018, we witnessed and participated in lectures, workshops and discussion panels during which we discussed the latest trends that will change the world in the next few years.

Here are 50 photos that we think best reflect what happened during the two days of the first edition of Inside Trends .

1. Opening of the conference at the Koneser Praga Center in Warsaw

18-19 October.  Two days Inside Trends
The Plenary Room was also a place where speakers and listeners of discussion panels devoted to Business 4.0 met.

2. "Your business as you know it today will soon be destroyed" - Jovan Protic

During the conference opening, Jovan Protic spoke. COO Ringier Axel Springer Polska resembled the words of Pablo Picasso, who said that "Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction". In such a dynamically changing world you have to be ready to change the business model of your company at any time.

3. "Create a business that will have an impact on something" - argued Lars Silberbauer

"Some people think that Lego bricks are a ready set for building specific things from a closed catalog, but that's not the case. The most interesting things arise when our consumers run their imaginations," said Inside Trends Lars Silberbauer from the Lego Group.

4. "The ability to reconcile with change and adapt to change is today the most key competence"

Lars Silberbauer was responsible for the Lego Group strategy on social networking sites for seven years. He created the power of Lego among others on the YouTube channel. During the Inside Trends conference, we got to know the "7 principles that Silberbauer should follow today companies and managers", read about in the article by Marta Bellon.

5. "The bad guys" will always look for the weakest link in the security chain. Most often they are people, not technology "- Kevin Mitnick, the most famous hacker in the world

Over the past 16 years, the team of hackers Kevin Mitnicka broke into every company whose security he checked. Read more in the article by Adam Turek: "The weakest link in security is still a man, Kevin Mitnick showed us how to outwit us".

6. "In our victims, we seek trust above all" - Kevin Mitnick

Among his "favorite actions" he mentions, among others hacking communication lines of McDonald's restaurants. When customers came through the so-called DriveThru, employees could hear them and receive applications, but it was Kevin Mitnick who responded, blocking this possibility of service. "I sat in front of the window and took over communication" - recalls after many years the most famous hacker in the world. More in an interview with Łukasz Grass conducted by Mitnick, the editor-in-chief of Business Insider Polska.

7. "The best way to educate in companies is to carry out simulations" Kevin Mitnick

Hackers have tools that allow you to copy access cards to the building and premises in the company. It is enough to sometimes stand next to another person in a public toilet in a given building.

8. During breaks, time for photos and autographs. Kevin Mitnick is the author of books "Invisible on the Web"

9. Workshops with Kevin Mitnick were conducted by Beata Mońka

10. During the conference, participants could choose one of three scenes: FinTech, Business 4.0 and LifeScience

11. It was impossible to get lost. The participants were provided with beautifully designed signposts

12. And Trends Magazine followed the trends - everything you need to know about trends in Business 4.0, Life Science and FinTech

For everyone we have prepared a report on the latest trends in the three thematic areas of the conference. There were also the most interesting articles on the subject, published in various editions of Business Insider around the world.

13. The Life Science scene proved to be the hit of the Inside Trends conference!

Marek Rybiec, Piotr Pustelnik and leading Aleksandra Brzozowska
We discussed where in the era of the dominance of new technologies there are people and its capabilities. Marek Rybiec talked about his project "Double Challenge" and defeating ultramarathons in 4 world deserts: Gobi, Atacama, Sahara, Antarctica.

14. The climber Piotr Pustelnik talked passionately about love for the mountains and human possibilities, which are limitless

15. BITLAB - the world's first touch tablet for the blind, created by Kristina Tsvetanova

Kristina Tsvetanova (CEO and co-founder of BLITAB) is a co-creator of the BLITAB device - the world's first touch tablet for the blind and visually impaired. In 2017, she received EU Prize for Women Innovators under 30 (the EU award for innovators under 30). In the same year, MIT Technical Review Innovator placed Kristina on the Innovators Under 35 list (region: Europe). Kristina graduated with honors from industrial engineering at the University of Technology in Sofia. He has over 7 years of experience in the field of supply chain management and industrial engineering in international companies.

16. Anja Rubik was the star of the first day of Inside Trends

In the fashion world, she has achieved everything. It has covers of the best magazines. She designed several of her collections and led the artistic "Magazyn 25" magazine. But this is just one of the views of her personality and talent. Anja Rubik - a star, a model, and for many years also an active ecological and social activist - has published the book "#SEXEDPL".

17. #SEXEDPL is not just a book. It is a project in which I will also involve modern technologies - Anja Rubik told us

#SEXEDPL speaks about Poland. The book in a modern, substantive and at the same time friendly way answers the most important questions about sex education. Soon an app or game may be available soon.

18. Anja Rubik in video business insider Poland

In an interview with Łukasz Gras, the editor-in-chief of Business Insider Polska, Anja Rubik talked about the challenges that lay in the way to create the #SEXEDPL project. See the whole conversation here: "80,000 copies in two months." Anji Rubik's missionary project "

19. During Inside Trends we also recorded two programs "On Time"

In one episode, we will tell you about the Flying Cars project. The flying car will be able to cover a distance of 200 km in 45 minutes, five times more than at the same time a car will reach - said Jonathan Carrier, vice president of AeroMobil.

20. "A flying car will be available for purchase as early as 2020" - Jonathan Carrier

AeroMobil is expected to cost about PLN 5 million. A driving license and at least a basic recreational pilot license, ie PPL (A), will be required to drive it. More in the article by Marcin Walkowa: " Supersport with Superpowers" - Jonathan Carrier on AeroMobil on Inside Trends

21. Digital Poland, or travel to digital Poland! - Aleksander Kutela, CEO of Onet, Digital Poland

We strive to make Poland one of the main centers of Digital Innovation in the world. That's why the Digital Poland Foundation was founded. We position Poland as the leading center of digital innovation in the world, promoting an international and cross-industry initiative, combining forces, topics and creating a network of contacts and relationships.

22. Marc Walder CEO Ringier, visionary and founder of Digital Switzerland

Marc Walder shared his experiences and convinced that a change in the education system is needed, because in many schools children learn in the same way and the same way as 20-30 years ago. His Foundation has been supporting schools in Switzerland for years, helping, among others, in the organization of coding lessons.

23. "Leaders who want to succeed should get information and combine many industries at once" - Mark Dekan

Inside Trends is also talk about leadership. Here in the picture, talk about him: Mark Dekan, CEO Ringier Axel Springer Poland, Edward Stanoch from nuChapter and Ewa Rolley from Impact. The discussion was moderated by Beata Mońka.

24. "The human brain is extremely malleable, even after heavy strokes we can regain fitness" - dr Paweł Soluch

On the LifeScience scene, we talked about unlimited human capabilities supported by new technologies. Monika Michalak suffered a severe stroke. For several months she lay paralyzed in the Intensive Care Unit without the possibility of any movement. She saw, heard and understood what she was saying to her, but she could not move even with her finger. Today it comes and says. Based on her life, a biographical novel is created by Łukasz Grass. The book will be released next year.

25. At Inside Trends, we enjoyed huge attendance and commitment on each of the three scenes. Business 4.0
Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Harvard Business School

26. FinTech
FinTech scene

27. Blockchain "Will help solve crises"

Mirosław Janik and Damian Szymanski
Mirosław Janik, CEO of, believes that a decentralized system can help people solve more serious problems - including social crises, such as the migration crisis that afflicts Europe today. How? Listen to the conversation: "Blockchain can have an unusual application in the world."

28. On the Life Science scene, we also found a place for sport

Simon Mayr from the Borussia Dortmund football club talked about how to use modern technologies in sport.

29. Inside Trends is also a workshop during which we learned from business practitioners how to develop companies.
Inside Trends

30. Make-up, make-up, make-up

Marta Bellon, Business Insider Polska journalist, in the hands of Joanna Dobosiewicz, an editorial friend, before entering the studio for an interview with Naveed Parvez from Andiamo
"Make-up" is probably one of the most frequently repeated words in the scenes of Inside Trends. Make-up before entering the stage, make-up before entering the studio, washing up the make-up after all ...

For the speakers and interlocutors to be well presented by professionals. Among them is our editorial colleague - Joanna Dobosiewicz, a life-style specialist and a registered makeup artist.

31. Participants of Inside Trends not only listened to great presentations and workshops, but actively asked questions
Workshop with Lars Silberbauer

32. The language of the conference was English

Entrance to the Koneser Praga Center from ul. Białostocka
Among about 1,500 participants of the Inside Trends conference there were speakers and guests, among others from Poland, Germany, the United States, Great Britain and Denmark.

33. #InsideTrends

#InsideTrends - this hashtag in social media has accompanied our conference . From Thursday, we review the tweets marked with it and ... we have not yet come to an end. Thank you all for social media activity.

34. Simple answers to difficult questions. Interviews at the Inside Trends studio

Piotr Pilewski, deputy editor-in-chief of Business Insider Polska
During two days, Business Insider Polska journalists conducted several dozen interviews and interviews in the video studio.

35. Cameras, cameras, cameras ..

Marcin Walków, journalist at Business Insider Polska, talks to prof. Felix Oberholzer-Gee
The cameras were not only at the Inside Trends conference studio, but wherever you could meet our speakers - at three stages - Life Science, Business 4.0 and FinTech, in the corridors and in the courtyard of the Koneser Praga Center.

36. The secret to a successful presentation?

Andreas Gall, Redbull Media
How to get the most out of your 25 minutes of presentation to catch your attention and be remembered? The ground is a good preparation. Andreas Gall of Redbull Media revealed the secret of good speech. 1500 seconds is 120 seconds for video and 15 seconds for one slide on average.

37. Quotes that are memorable

On the stage of prof.  Marek Konarzewski
Speakers eagerly reached for quotes - golden thoughts of innovators, business leaders and even classics of literature. From their speeches, it was also possible to note out thoughts that were worth remembering. We share in what we have memorized in our social channels.

38. Exactly, a special Facebook profile: Inside Trends!

The Inside Trends profile is created specifically for the needs of our conference. You can see photos and videorealtions there, as well as share your own experiences from the conference. We are waiting for your opinions.

39. VIPs. Special guests of Inside Trends deserved special service

40. Inside Trends in the application - and all the information you have at hand

The most important practical information - up to date. Where is the panel you are going to, how much does the presentation begin, who runs the workshop? You could find all of this from the mobile application.

41. Onet was with us too! Thank you!

The Inside Trends conference was also supported by journalists from other titles from the Ringier Axel Springer Polska group, running part of the panels on three stages. We thank Renata Kim from Newsweek, Bartosz Węglarczyk, editor-in-chief of Onet and Paweł Zielewski, editor-in-chief of Forbes.

42. "Here are some unobvious signs that an employee is planning to leave, you do not even know that you are sending them" - if a Harvard professor tells you, it means that you have to implement Plan B

Felix Oberholzer
Extracting data from applications to better manage people is the domain of the field called People Analytics .

43. The kind of internet ... and yet a bit of television. Our spec on the image and personal development Michał Wąsowski in the Business Insider Polska studio

44. Participants of Inside Trends had at their disposal an application for a smartphone conference, but also an agenda in a traditional form

Szymon Kamiński, President of the Management Board of Santander Leasing SA
45. Several dozen people were involved in the preparation of the conference. Thanks to everyone who worked hard all year round

46. In the evening, we continued business-social conversations in a less formal atmosphere at the After Party

48. Several hours of TV studio work

Patryk Pallus, journalist at Business Insider Polska, talks to Małgorzata Węgierek, CEO of Havas Media Group Poland
TV Studio during the Inside Trends conference worked full steam for two days. Although the first edition of this event is history, we will be sharing recorded interviews and speeches by the speakers for several days. We invite you to!

49. All this would not have happened without our partners

Alior Bank is the main partner of the Inside Trends conference

50. Each scene had its partners

The Business 4.0 stage was patronized by Orange, SAP and Publicis Media. Fintech scene - Samsung, Life Science - Bayer.

Thank you to those who trusted us! See you in a year!

To view the original article to see all the amazing photos taken of Inside Trends in Poland, and other relevant articles, refer to the source.


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