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Top Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs invests $30 million in cyber fighting KnowBe4

If this isn't a Good Housekeeping seal of approval, then what is?

Wall Street's best known investment firm, Goldman Sachs, is committing the sizeable sum of $30 million to help advance the fast-growing Clearwater cyber security training startup called KnowBe4.

That's a ton of money for any startup in the bay area. And the Goldman Sachs' imprimatur adds a whole other layer on this deal, making the investment a great win for KnowBe4 but also a big victory for recognizing potential in Tampa Bay's entrepreneurs and its expanding market of startups.

Goldman Sachs vice president Hans Sherman says KnowBe4 has distinguished itself as a leader in the cyber-security awareness training market. The startup's platform, he states, has become "a 'need to have' for businesses across sectors and geographies in the fight against cyber threats."

As part of the Goldman investment, Sherman will join KnowBe4's board of directors.

Read the full article on Kevin Mitnick's security awareness training company here.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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