The world of finance, as we know it, ceases to exist. This is the future of FinTech

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence will forever change the financial market. The creators of these changes will be guests of the October INSIDE TRENDS conference. Warsaw will become the financial center of the future of this part of Europe for two days. And this is due to the INSIDE TRENDS conference (October 18-19, 2018).

The most known hacker in the world Kevin Mitnick, Managing Director of Copenhagen FinTech Thomas Krogh Jensen and Karol Sadaj, country manager of the company offering, among others, revolut multi-currency card, these are just some confirmed speakers of the INSIDE TRENDS conference, which will take place on October 18 and 19, 2018 in the Koneser Center in Prague.

The conference is organized by Business Insider Polska, a portal belonging to Grupa Onet-RAS Polska. Experts will answer the questions about how new technologies and upcoming trends will change the world of finance, affect the increasingly important issue of cyber security and shape the operation of currencies in the digital space. 

 Nowadays, almost every industry has to face the fast pace of technological progress. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence will forever change the financial market. Much is being said, but we can rarely find simple answers and understandable information that we could use to develop strategies for the FinTech segment - says Jovan Protic, COO of Grupa Onet-RAS Polska.

 We invite you to learn about new trends directly from experts in this field. INSIDE TRENDS is specific and practical advice that can be applied in a 2-year or 3-year perspective and that will help you better adjust your strategy for the future - adds Protic. 

The two-day conference will be attended by 1,000 people from the world of science, medicine, business, media and marketing. The INSIDE TRENDS conference will be divided into three thematic areas: FinTech, Business 4.0 and Life Science. During two days there will be speeches, debates and workshops 
with speakers, including: 

Kevin Mitnick 

The most famous hacker in the world, as well as the author of the book "Art of deception" and "The art of infiltration", where he has acquired over the years knowledge about the most popular and sometimes completely unobvious strategies of hackers and cyber security in itself. 

Veronica Lange da Conceição 

Global Director of Innovation at UBS Chief Technology Office, managing a group of projects and building activities in the field of innovation within the company and with external partners. 

Tomasz Czechowicz 

Founder of MCI Capital SA, one of the fastest growing growth / private equity groups in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Michał Protasiuk 

Media Research Manager at Google, managing market research in the entire Central and Eastern Europe region, passionate about developing an innovative research methodology based on behavioral economics, competition and crowd wisdom. 

Łukasz Dyląg. 

Founder and CEO of VoicePIN, a company working on business-applied speech recognition technology. 

Marta Krupińska 

Co-founder of Azimo, a global company dealing in money transfer using FinTech technology.


This is a conference on the future of science, medicine and biotechnology in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The event is organized by Business Insider Polska, the second in the world in terms of the size and scope of the platform from the Business Insider brand portfolio. 

For more information about the INSIDE TRENDS conference, program and speakers on the event website: .

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Source: INN:Poland

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