The Talent Land officially starts

On the second day of activities, the official launch of the first technological event in Latin America, Talent Land, took place until April 6 and was presided over by the state governor, Aristóteles Sandoval and student authorities. .

At 10:30 this event was officially inaugurated, in front of an auditorium packed with young talents, from more than 800 communities.

More than 30 thousand talents gathered in five days of activities, 13 thematic scenarios, around 1,500 hours of content, six specialized thematic lands, a hackathon and two camping areas with a capacity of 12,500 people, are the things that are housed in this edition.

Among the personalities of this technological world, the visit of robot Sophia, the former hacker Kevin Mitnick, who appeared yesterday, was especially highlighted; Julio Profe, a Colombian professor famous for his math videos on the YouTube platform, the popular scientist Beakman, among others.

"We believe that everyone can have a great idea, a powerful idea that can change the world. First you can change your environment and then grow, you will find success to change the world, but if we do not believe in you, who will do it ?, yourselves and the companies that give you the opportunity; however, the idea of this is to make small businesses that grow over time, "said Aristotle.

For her part, the general vice-rector of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), Carmen Rodríguez Armenta, mentioned that as part of the participation of the university, there are three stands in which there will be more than 150 hours of content.

"It is a pride to be able to say that the sixth part of the 30 thousand attendees is a talent of our University, for that reason, we have five thousand scholars."

In addition, he identified three important challenges within the prototype presentation: Block Change, Eureka and the exoplanets: "The 12 winning students will be able to go to NASA the last week of October."

Finally, the interim municipal president of the Perla Tapatía, Enrique Ibarra Pedroza, pointed to Guadalajara as the city of innovation and said that the search for improvement will continue through the Ciudad Creativa project.

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Source: ElDiario NTR

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