The most famous hacker in the world will come to Poland to learn about manipulating people

Kevin Mitnick in the world of hacking is what Michael Schumacher is in the world of F1. Already in October, this reformed cybercriminal will come to Warsaw to teach participants of the Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference, among others about the protection of their data on the Internet and technologies of psychological manipulation.

And it's worth listening to what this man has to say. Mitnick began his adventure with hacking at the age of 13 by bypassing Los Angeles public transport ticket machines. In the following years, he broke into the powerful servers of the largest telecommunications corporations in the United States and internal networks of American law enforcement agencies. During his media-publicized trial it was said that he would "be able to trigger a nuclear war by whistling on the telephone receiver".

Since 2000, Mitnick has been an exemplary citizen who uses his extensive knowledge of information technology and psychology to protect the data of other people. During the Business Insider conference, we will be able to hear firsthand the crazy past of this hacker and how to handle your data on the web - and in the era of the surveillance act, it is worth knowing about such things. All this will be told by a man who "in 30 seconds can get the social security number of every human on Earth".

The Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference will be held on 18 and 19 October this year. in the Praga Center Koneser in Warsaw. In addition to Mitnick, the event will be attended by up to 1000 people from the world of media, marketing, advertising and business who will be able to listen to experts' speeches and take part in debates and workshops. The presence of the flying car Juraj Vaculik and the founder of the company creating algorithms replacing testing of human medicines, Igor Bogicevic also confirmed their presence at the conference.

Source: Noizz

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