The most famous hacker in the world launches Olyseum a Twitter football and sport

It aims to bring as never before to the highest international level athletes to their followers.
The first ambassadors of the platform are the players Andres Iniesta, Ivan de la Pena and Carles Puyol.

Football News

Some consider the Twitter of football and that is what we have tried to sell the players Andres Iniesta , Ivan de la Pena and Carles Puyol in presenting Olyseum .

Posed as a social network, created by  Kevin Mitnick , the world's most famous hacker Olyseum is a platform that aims to bring the highest international level athletes of his followers through a platform that allows them to find information, access to unpublished content and interact as never before he had been.

In this regard, the captain of the FC Barcelona and the Spanish team has its own community within Olyseum, the 'Iniesta Community' , which will begin publishing its exclusive content, raffles and surprises throughout the month of September, allowing users' knowing exclusive everyday player a much more intimate way , "according to the company.

Elite athletes

In addition, the social network intends to work with elite athletes and clubs, which share content scoop in order to provide users with a special and unique experience.

Olyseum is a project founded and led by engineer Carlos Grenoir and with the participation of Kevin Mitnick, considered the hacker world 's most famous ; Ivan de la Peña, Carles Puyol and Andres Iniesta players; and entrepreneurs Jan Aramburu and Enric Flix.

The App, released in English and Spanish, is available for operating systems iOS and Android . The contents are divided into three areas: the generated exclusively by Olyseum and ambassadors, generated by users who you follow and finally, a hub of news that brings together in one place dozens of sports sources in real time .

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