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Tech Guide Episode 208

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Telstra launches a new campaign to rebuild the brand - but is it enough, Linksys launches new high speed wi-fi devices, Android Pay has launched in Australia, 3SIXT Digital Lightning Buds, Netatmo Welcome security camera with facial recognition, we chat to Kevin Mitnick - the world’s most famous hacker and the Tech Guide Help Desk.

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Topics: Social Engineering, Stephen, Android Pay, high speed WiFi devices, penetration testing, cyber security expert, Hacker, keynote speaker, Netatmo Welcome security camera, security consulting, Kevin Mitinick, Tech Guide, Telstra, 3SIXT Digital Lightning Buds, Australia, phishing

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Kevin offers three excellent presentations, two are based on his best-selling books. His presentations are akin to technology magic shows that educate and inform while keeping people on the edge of their seats. He offers expert commentary on issues related to information security and increases “security awareness.”

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