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INTERVIEW: Kevin Mitnick, a legal hacker, warns of ‘the new normal’

Hacker-turned-security-consultant Kevin Mitnick used an arsenal of everyday items - laptops, a Bluetooth speaker and Wi-Fi - to demonstrate the ease with which one bad actor can wreak havoc on a business or consumer.

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Businesses should embrace ethical hacking to shine a light on their cyber defences

Ethical hacking: although media headlines give much attention to state sponsored cyber-attacks, attacks on commercial enterprises also have significant consequences, highlighted recently with the cyber-breach on Yahoo causing the valuation of the company to plummet during acquisition negotiations with Verizon, says Fujitsu’s Andy Herrington.

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Bracing for a breach: understanding cybersecurity

Giants like Yahoo hog the headlines when their data is compromised but how prepared are the UK’s SMEs when it comes to data laws and cybercrime?

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Cyber threats impact businesses large and small

Yahoo announced within the past month that user data from more than 500 million accounts had been compromised.  E-mails and documents were stolen from the Democratic National Committee's servers and leaked to the media.  Several major hospitals disclosed that their internal computer networks had been shut down and files encrypted by criminal gangs demanding ransom.  And last month, hackers unleashed a massive denial of service attack that enlisted thousands of compromised devices like DVRs and cameras to shut down a popular cybersecurity website.

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