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EVENT REVIEW: World’s Most Famous Hacker Headlines Science Center’s Annual Benefit

South Florida Science Center and Aquarium Hosts Wold Famous Hacker

Kevin Mitnick spoke at Center’s Annual “Smarty Party” Benefit April 4th

Former FBI Most Wanted criminal, Kevin Mitnick shocked guests at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium’s annual benefit at The Breakers Palm Beach when he demonstrated just how easily personal information can be acquired through little effort from a hacker, eliciting gasps from the crowd. Through his demonstrations, Mitnick explained the most vulnerable area of a security system is the human element.

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EVENT REVIEW: Notorious hacker Kevin Mitnick wows guests at Palm Beach event

More than one person left The Breakers feeling vulnerable April 4 after notorious hacker Kevin Mitnick showed how easy it is for hackers to access personal information with just a few keyboard clicks.

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