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Specialist security consultancy, Threat Intelligence, scales and skills up to meet demand for Automation and Agile Security

Launched in 2013, leading specialist security consultancy Threat Intelligence, today confirmed the addition of six new senior team members across a range of roles for its client base, some of the most powerful and trusted brands in Australia and beyond. Located in both the Sydney and Melbourne offices, the latest hires are planned to meet existing client security requirements and the expanded team will also drive the consultancy’s ongoing strategy to innovate enterprise security solutions.

Key roles for cloud software engineering, DevOps, solutions development and senior security consultants will now work with clients to move away from traditional security approaches and instead incorporate initiatives such as automation, machine learning and DevOps into security strategies for a more robust outcome.

For Ty Miller, CEO and Founder of Threat Intelligence the appointments are part of his vision to build security teams with the right mix of skills to generate higher quality outcomes. “Standard security approaches and protection strategies are transforming. It’s not just about security alone now, we really need to partner with clients and software developers to factor in software development life cycles and digital business models for automation and agile development,” he said.

With industry and business alike recognising the days of the traditional waterfall approach is slowing – and in many cases have ground to a halt – Threat Intelligence has outlined its main aims for 2017: •    Raising the bar on Agile software development to ensure it is built securely •    Providing a more comprehensive data analysis and ability to forecast where clients may next be attacked •    Incorporating automation and machine learning into strategies and solutions

Threat Intelligence also continues to align its industry-focused approach with its involvement in OWASP, CREST, the Black Hat Asia Review Board and regular appearances at leading global security conferences including the upcoming ‘Cyber threats – is your organisation vulnerable?’ conference with the world’s most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick in Sydney and Melbourne on 22 and 24 November. Ty, one of Australia’s foremost security experts and commentators will facilitate the “FLIPPING IT” – Working It To Our Advantage: Using Cyber “Black Hat” Thinking For Growth session with Kevin Mitnick and additional panelists.

About Ty Miller Ty Miller is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Threat Intelligence, a specialist consultancy defining the next era of security, intelligence and security testing approaches who are now responsible for some of the most powerful and trusted brands in Australia and beyond. In addition to this role, Ty sits on the Board of Directors for CREST (Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers) in Australia and New Zealand, the Black Hat Asia Review Board and is the only Australian expert to be invited to run training annually at the world’s most prestigious security conference, Black Hat USA for the past 6 years. Ty’s material now forms an official component of Black Hat USA with his training courses “The Shellcode Lab” and “Practical Threat Intelligence”, both designed to raise awareness of new trends and attack methods for security professionals.

About Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd - Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd is a specialist consultancy defining the next era of security, intelligence and security testing approaches. It was established in response to the new challenges of an ever evolving global threat environment. Services include penetration testing, security training, agile security, forensic investigations and security architecture services. Its founder, Ty Miller, is one of Australia’s leading information security specialists and is a prolific commentator and author on the subject of intelligence-based security.

Source: CSO

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