SEE LIVE: Jalisco presents Talent Land, its largest technology fair (Mexico)

Mexico's technological talent will be concentrated for a week in Jalisco. The region that in recent years has developed the innovation industry in the country will hold the Talent Land conference from April 2 to 6 at Expo Guadalajara. There, dozens of technology companies will approach thousands of young people with initiatives in the sector to boost their projects. "We have assembled the leading brands in the field of technology. This is the greatest talent and innovation event in Mexico, "explains Pablo Antón, co-founder of Talent Network.

The Government of Jalisco has recently left Mexican borders to attract investments and talent in Jalisconnect, a plan to facilitate the installation of startups in the region. However, it continues to promote the search for young people in Mexico with ideas for the technology sector and who also want to start. According to data from the Government of Jalisco over the next seven years, the industry will need 250% more engineering graduates than those who currently graduate.

Talent Land will offer spaces for developers, specialists in robotics and drones, entrepreneurs, creatives, as well as drivers of virtual reality and the blockchain. In addition, there will be a Hackathon -the initiative to seed projects with the use of technology- that will include 12 topics focused on the solution of social problems. The organizers estimate that this project will be the largest in the world and that they will even achieve a Guinness record. "From here are going to come out projects that are going to be supported by the private initiative," says Aristóteles Sandoval, governor of Jalisco.

Among the companies that have joined Talent Land are Google, Adobe, Amazon, Bosch, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, BMW, Cabify and Uber. The conference will receive 30,000 young people. About 5,000 of the attendees will do so with scholarships awarded by the University of Guadalajara and 1,000 more with support from the Mexican Youth Institute. Among the speakers at the event will be Chema Alonso, Telefónica's chief data officer; Kevin Mitnick, the most famous hacker in the world; Simone Giertz, youtuber and inventor; and the robot Sophia.

"Technology has reached us and governments are going very slowly," said Sandoval. With the impulse of the technological conference and the attraction of firms and startups of the sector, the local government seeks to accelerate the introduction of Mexico in the global technological scene. The effort began three decades ago but has had its greatest push in the last five years . Sandoval says that 1,200 startups have already been installed throughout the region. Although not all projects are successful, the Government of Jalisco is contributing to accelerate these developments. His last move: a Mexican visa in less than 24 hours to start a technology company.

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Source: El Pais

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