SEE LIVE (Ireland): World’s Greatest Hacker

BT Mindshare

When: January 11th, 2018 ,5:00 PM,

Where: RDS Dublin

Join BT and Kevin Mitnick - hacker-turned-consultant for security insights at BT Mindshare, run in conjunction with the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

Turn the tide on cyber crime with BT and Kevin Mitnick at BT Mindshare

World famous hacker Kevin Mitnick will be sharing his insights on cyber security at BT’s Mindshare event in January, advising companies on what they need to do to ward off increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals in 2018. The poacher turned gamekeeper – a security consultant who once made the FBI’s most wanted list – will deliver the keynote at an event that will encourage organisations to revisit their approach to security.

Speakers from BT’s global security team will include Steve Benton, Head of Cyber and Physical Security Operations and Programmes for BT. “The rise of cloud, IoT, big data and AI is creating a more complex threat landscape, while adding to the challenge around data collection and compliance,” he said. “BT are helping businesses world-wide to protect themselves against over 1.4 million cyber attacks per year. ”

In Ireland BT will be launching a fully managed service that encompasses a growing portfolio of solutions to combat cyber crime.

  • Expanding perimeters – a proliferation of devices and new types of technology are increasing productivity but weakening the perimeter
  • Big data and multiple connections – the information explosion and more network traffic has raised the risk of vulnerabilities going unchecked
  • Compliance – increased regulatory requirements are forcing organisations to change the way they collect and secure data

Kevin Mitnick will shine a light on the way cyber criminals exploit weaknesses, while Steve Benton will talk about a fast-changing threat landscape that catches organisations out and leaves them exposed. He will explain how BT provides a layered response to the full range of threats, from malware, phishing and SQL injection to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and identity theft. “No one in Ireland has the scale, history and capabilities of BT to address the full scope of security challenges in the way that we do,” said Benton.

There are three components to BT Ireland’s security proposition:

  1. BT Managed Security – delivered as a standalone service or as part of a managed service, BT has a proven track with 1,700 global customers signed up to its 24/7 service.
  2. BT Security Intelligence – leveraging insights from its Cyber Assessment Lab and 14 global Security Operations Centres around the world, BT’s reputation is built on hard-earned knowledge and executing best practice security management (BT’s data centre in Dublin was one of the first in Ireland to be ISO 270001 certified).
  3. BT Security Consulting Services – drawing on the expertise of 2,500 security practitioners, monitoring 100,000 devices in 180 countries, BT can advise on sector-specific challenges and regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions.

BT has local and global expertise that extends from the fundamentals of policy setting and firewalls/antivirus (partnering with 200 leading vendors) to intelligence services that mitigate risks around global networks and data centres. “We want to use the event to showcase how our expertise gives our customers reassurance, allowing them to focus on their core business, confident in the knowledge that their reputation is being protected, not risked,” said Benton.

Source: The Business Post

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