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Kevin Mitnick to Keynote Annual Conference

Kevin Mitnick, a security consultant and well-known white hat hacker, has signed on to deliver the keynote address at HostingCon Global 2017.

HostingCon Global 2017 runs from April 3 – 6, 2017, in Los Angeles, Calif. The annual event brings together professionals in the hosting, cloud, and now data center industry with the collocation of the Data Center World event.

Mitnick, a Los Angeles native, is currently CEO, team leader, and chief white hat hacker at Mitnick Security, and is a frequent speaker on cybersecurity and social engineering. Mitnick has a particularly interesting perspective on the topic from his days as a black hat hacker.

At one point, he was one of the FBI’s Most Wanted because he hacked into 40 major corporations. After serving time for charges of computer hacking and wire fraud, Mitnick became a paid security consultant, public speaker and author.

“Data Center World and HostingCon attendees are going to absolutely love hearing Kevin’s take on the cyber security landscape,” Kelly Kocher, VP of Event Sales and Operations, HostingCon, said in a statement. “With high-profile hacking incidents seemingly occurring every week, Kevin is the perfect speaker to share practical steps companies can take to safeguard their data and prevent hacks.”

“My presentation will clearly illustrate why people are the weakest link in the security chain,” Mitnick said. “Attendees will see real demonstrations of some of the most current combinations of hacking, social engineering and cutting-edge technical exploits my team and I actually use to penetrate client systems, with a 100% success rate. They will also gain strategies to protect their organizations, and themselves, from harm and to help mitigate the risks they face.”

“I’m honored to be addressing the combined HostingCon and Data Center World audiences at their co-located event in Los Angeles,” he said. “With security concerns in the data center and cloud community at an all-time high, it’s more important than ever for service providers to be aware of the methods criminals, disgruntled staff and malicious governments use to breach their infrastructure and systems.”

Registration is now open for HostingCon at and Data Center World at

Signed up for HostingCon or Data Center World? Be sure to RSVP to the free WHIR Networking Event, Weds. Apr. 5, 2017, from 7-10 p.m.

Source: WHIR Hosting Cloud

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