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Now that you know that hackers and the CIA can access your phone, this is how to protect it

You may have been a little panicked on hearing that the CIA could get back into your smartphone. But there are solutions. If it's impossible to completely protect your phone, there are still some tricks for you to fight hacks.

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This morning, you were told that the CIA was able to infiltrate smartphones because they contain many flaws. But it's not just the CIA. Other people can also succeed in easily hacking your phone. Kevin Mitnick, a hacker, told Business Insider how it was possible. Here, it does not talk to us about a hack of the data that contains your smartphone but worse still: of a hack that makes it possible to turn on the camera of your phone and to spy on you!

If someone has access to your phone and knows your code, it's super simple. There are software that you can buy anywhere on the Internet like FlexiSPY for example. This software allows you to turn on someone's camera, read his SMS, intercept calls and see his location. Fortunately, hackers often have direct access to your phone to install such a program.

How to protect yourself?

Whether it's a hack from one of your relatives or the CIA, it's of course impossible to detect if you have spyware on your smartphone. However, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. First, you have to make sure that you always have the latest version of iOS or Android. Every update allows you to correct your phone's vulnerabilities. But often, when your smartphone offers you an update, you do not want to take the time and postpone to later. Again and again. And that's where your phone is on display.

You also have to choose a strong enough password and opt for a complex locking. We know that you prefer to be able to access your phone in three seconds rather than going through several steps to unlock it but say that hackers also will have easier to access if you just have a password.

Encrypt your data

We also advise you to encrypt your data. Normally there is an option called data encryption on your device and you just have to activate it. If your smartphone does not have one, you can download SSE Universal Encryption App . It costs 4.99 euros but it is well worth the cost.

And above all, if you suspect something, you must absolutely reprogram your phone according to the factory settings. This will erase any malware on your smartphone.

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