Lo and Behold - first run

Special Event - FIRST VISION

Friday, October 14, 2016 - 18:00 and 21:00 
Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 18:00 and 21:00 
Sunday, 16 October - 21:00

LO AND BEHOLD - Internet: the future is now 
Directed by Wermer Herzog 
The music composed by Mark De Antoni 
Magnolia Pictures 
USA 2016 
108 minutes

Lo and Behold - INTERNET: THE FUTURE IS TODAY, the new film directed by the master Werner Herzog, a now indispensable and necessary reflection on life in the Internet age, an issue that concerns us more and more closely in ways that sometimes not even imagine . 
It's been less than fifty years from the first network connection between two computers, and a little more than twenty since the birth of the World Wide Web. In this short span of time, the technologies have evolved to the point that today even the phone that we in your pocket it is probably more powerful than the desktop computer that we used just a decade ago.


What is the future of the network? Can you even imagine a world without Internet connection? What are the limits of being constantly connected? We can defend ourselves against threats that hide behind the use of such a powerful tool? With the disenchanted, the wit and irony to which this extraordinary filmmaker has accustomed us over the course of his long documentary production, Lo and Behold (an expression that could be translated as "admires") tries to reflect on these issues , while also exploring the marginal areas, more controversial, that highlight the contradictions. The intent is not to exhaustiveness, as lay a foundation for a broader reflection on the networked world. The director does so by dividing the documentary into 10 chapters that move between the fascination, skepticism and anxiety resulting from the use of this means that in fact, as is often said in the film, is "out of control." 

The documentary opens with Leonard Kleinrock, professor of computer science at UCLA in Los Angeles who leads us to the discovery of the 3420 room, the place to which we trace the birth of the network. Among other figures that we encounter there are Kevin Mitnick, one of the most skilled hackers in the world; Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, CEO of Tesla Motors, but especially known for SpaceX company, company in charge of making space travel more accessible to humans and that works for the future human landing on Mars. Illuminating the section dedicated to Ted Nelson, who coined the term "hypertext," which tells us how the HTML has actually betrayed the original conception of hypertext links and not to its full potential.

 Who knows the German director knows that he conceives the sci-fi Carpenteriano sense, or the post-apocalyptic scenario where regresses technology and humanity returns to have to deal with the technique, with the practical knowledge of things in order to survive. Lo and Behold seems at times take its own steps from this premise: What if the Internet stopped working suddenly? the human being will be able to get away when the Internet will end? 

Among the interwoven plots from the documentary insinuates the idea that the Internet has become so pervasive in human relations from becoming essential to life on Earth, so much so that there are those who see the end of the network, the decline of civilization. Interesting the question concerning people with sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation caused by the issued frequencies, as well as by radio and smartphones, even from the network and forced isolation. Even when it deals with sensitive issues of video game addiction or violence which expands online, Herzog always manages to do so without moralizing, but with humanity and philanthropic interests. 

The director invites us to look to the Internet away from where I would watch a scientist, abstracting it, as an object in itself, an organism. No small task, since we are so immersed to take it for granted; a world in which the network is considered the ground zero of human sociality. The visionary power of the German director's vision has no limits and goes further, to the point of wondering: Internet never come to think of himself?


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