Kevin Mitnick, the most famous hacker in the world, revealed all his secrets

Kevin Mitnick was a fugitive from the FBI in the 1990s, being considered the most dangerous cybercriminal

Kevin Mitnick is internationally known as "the most famous hacker in the world", and on Tuesday he was one of the guests at Talent Land, an innovation and technology event held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

After many years as a hacker, Kevin is now a cybersecurity consultant, although he assures that he will never stop exercising the profession for which he is known by all, since he assured that what he enjoys the most in life is to be able to enter the most complexes of the world and that they pay him for it, an activity that before brought him "many problems" and that now makes "with authorization".

"Well, I am (a hacker ), but I do it with authorization. Now it is with my company to monitor the security controls of the companies. I used to do it for free and it brought me many problems, "Mitnick said at a keynote address at Talent Land.

Mitnick, a former fugitive from the FBI in the 90's to be considered the most dangerous cybercriminal after hacking 40 companies and the safest systems in the United States just for pleasure, served a five-year prison sentence. Then he founded his own company and serves as a consultant to companies and governments around the world. "It's as if Pablo Escobar had become a pharmacist," he joked.

Mitnick captured the attention of hundreds of young people who packed the main stage of the forum to those who told how the 16-year-old Mc Donald's self-service system intervened and changed orders or how he stole the password in high school of a teacher as part of a computer course.

He also gave them some advice to maintain security in their computer systems and even with their computer, he showed them how it is possible to violate any computer with just an email and a phone number .

He criticized that people do not give due importance to their computer security and that they prefer to have low-cost or obsolete programs and operating systems instead of investing in those that offer them less vulnerability.

During five days, Talent Land will gather 30,000 attendees, offer 1,500 hours of content in 14 thematic scenarios divided into six spaces or "lands".

These spaces will be dedicated to music, communication and marketing ; drones and robotics; artificial intelligence and blockchain, video games, activities for developers and a space for entrepreneurs.

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Source: La Opinion

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