Kevin Mitnick gives tips to be on the internet “invisible”

Whomever wants to be "invisible" on the Internet would be wise to encrypt emails and use the Tor network, so advises the famous former hacker and security expert Kevin Mitnick . He was once the most wanted hacker in the world and was eventually sentenced to a prison term of five years for breaking into several large companies.

Nowadays he works as a security consultant and wrote several books. Two weeks ago, the latest book by Mitnick, " The Art of Invisibility ," which he explains how people on the Internet can hide their tracks. In Wired Mitnick published a summary of the book. First, he explains the risks of using webmail services such as Gmail or Outlook. These third parties may have access to e-mails from users and even if users delete their emails, this does not mean that they're really gone.

To prevent others from reading your emails Mitnick recommends the use of encryption. In the case of webmail services he calls the plug-in Mailvelope , which should simplify the use of encryption. "To really be invisible in the digital world is to do more than just encrypt your messages," says Mitnick. Users must namely hide their IP address. Therefore, the security expert recommends the use of the Tor network.

However, he also notes that Tor has several vulnerabilities. So users have no control over the exit servers and the network may be slow. In addition, the Tor network should not be used from the computer where you normally surf it. Mitnick also recommends a separate notebook for Tor. Furthermore Mitnick examines the anonymous purchase and use of the burner phones "for example, to enable e-mail accounts. "As you can see, what is required to be invisible and remain unprecedented is discipline and constant attention. But it's worth it," concludes the expert.

Source: The Security Council

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