Is Someone Watching You From The Camera On Your Phone?

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Perhaps your phone could be the culprit?

It’s common knowledge that computers are often infected with malware, but did you know your phone is at risk as well?

Kevin Mitnick did an interview with Business Insider and revealed some of the ways your phone could be accessed without your knowledge.

There are two common ways someone could use your phone to spy on you. If an individual has access to your phone and has your passcode, they can use software called Flexispy to read your texts, even text messages you had previously deleted. Additionally, they can also listen in to your phone conversations, find out where you are, and watch you from the camera on your phone.

Another way your phone could be hacked is by someone accessing your phone from a remote location. This is often accomplished by a professional hacker or by law enforcement.

It’s not as easy for someone to hack into your phone from afar, but it can be done.

Technology is available that allows the hacker to take over your phone and turn on your phone’s camera, but if they are trying to hack into and iPhone, the software will set them back a cool $1.5 million. With that being said, it’s far cheaper to hack into an Android device, with the average cost being around $200K.

So what can you do to protect your privacy? Make sure you are running the latest version of iOS and if you are worried your phone may be compromised, restore your phone to the factory settings.

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