INSIDE TRENDS - the most important business conference in the CEE region

18 and 19 October this year was held Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS, an international conference on trends in three areas: FinTech, Business 4.0 and LifeScience. 80 speakers and speakers from around the world and about 1,400 participants took part in lectures and workshops during which we learned how the banking, finance, industry and human life will change under the influence of new technologies.

The event was held at the Koneser Praga Center in Warsaw. The conference was organized by Business Insider Polska. Among the over 80 speakers, there were key people from the industry in such fields as: fintech, life science or digital business. In addition to lectures and presentations, during INSIDE TRENDS, participants could participate in closed workshops and debates with speakers. The event took place simultaneously on three stages. The first was devoted to issues in the area of FinTech, the second - Life Science, and the third - Business 4.0.

Among recognized authorities in their field, the conference included Kevin Mitnick, the world's most famous hacker, who opened the second day of INSIDE TRENDS with his presentation on security rules in companies. However, the day before, Lars Silberbauer in the speech "Building digital value brick by brick", on the example of LEGO, told how in a few years, the brand for which he works has become the most popular brand on Youtube shines.

These were two days of a huge dose of knowledge and contacts with people who have real influence on how the world changes. We dealt with what I always miss at many conferences of this type, that is practical knowledge and a recipe for success in business. At INSIDE TRENDS, we got both. In addition, everything has been complemented by emotions and networking, thanks to which many of our participants have built business relationships that will translate into the functioning of their companies in a measurable way - says Łukasz Grass, editor-in-chief of Business Insider Polska. - Our speakers did not theorize, only proved on their own examples, how the revolution and evolution in many areas, including banking and widely understood finance, transport, industry. The hit of the conference was the LifeScience scene, where we managed to combine emotions with science. From the very beginning, I knew that INSIDE TRENDS will be one of the largest events in the CEE region, where many valuable statements will be made. During it, I realized that the quantity and quality of information provided to our guests by speakers, classified this conference as the most important business event this fall. I think that most companies and people at INSIDE TRENDS would sign the statement of Micheli Magas that the task of contemporary companies are not predicting the future, but creating and inventing it - says the Chief Business Insider.

- We are extremely proud of the popularity of our conference, we had over 1,400 guests! And we can officially announce: next year, the second edition of Inside Trends conferences will be held - says Martyna Majchrzak, Group Digital Publishing Manager Ringier Axel Springer Poland. 

Life Science performed on, among others Michela Magas, founder and creative director of Music Tech Fest, who proved that disability does not limit people to become a specialist in any field. In turn, Jonathan Carrier, from Aeromobil, in the speech "The Future Mobility" talked about flying cars and about how humanity will be able to move in the future. Anja Rubik, a well-known top model and social activist, showed that thanks to her popularity she is able to create great things and educate contemporary youth. Kristina Tsvetanova, the founder of BITLAB, also appeared on the stage. Her company has created the world's first tablet for the blind and visually impaired.

On the Business 4.0 stage, participants listened to, among others debates of the heads of the Digital Switzerland, Digital Poland and Digital Serbia foundations - March Walder and Aleksander Kuteli and Nebojša Djurdjevic on the economic race between the US, China and Europe. Toni Cheng from Alibaba Cloud DAH presented the influence of Big Data and artificial intelligence on the development of the Alibaba platform. The Business 4.0 section was also attended by Andreas Gall, head of innovation at Red Bull or Felix Oberholzer-Gee at Harvard Business School.

FinTech performed on the stage Karol Sadaj, Revolut Country Manager for Poland, who talked about how fintech affects the traditional banking sector. In turn, Michał Protasiuk from Google analyzed purchasing processes in e-commerce, and Arkadiusz Wójcik from Samsung presented the role of an open ecosystem in mobile solutions in business.

The 8 most important applications after the Business Inider INSIDE TRENDS conference

  1. Leaders who want to succeed should get information and combine many industries at the same time. For this they must have confidence in their team. As stated by Mark Dekan, CEO of Ringier Axel Springer Polska, without this last component, you can not build effective relationships with employees and the environment.
  2. Social media are no longer an addition to the company's marketing strategy. By using blockchain and BIG DATA, they become its driving force. On this, as Lars Silberbauer emphasized, the power of LEGO in social media was built.
  3.  In the era of such rapid advances in technology, you can not just look at Western patterns (UK or USA). One of the fastest growing markets in the field of IoT and AI is China. In 2000, 95% of the largest companies were located in the US and EU. In 2025, it is estimated that the Chinese market will be larger than the US and EU put together. Marc Walder, Aleksander Kutela and Nebojša Djurdjevic have alerted that there is a necessity to include Europe in a technological race in which Americans and Chinese dominate so far.
  4.  More and more areas, including finances, medicine uses the AI tool. The diagnostics are done by robots, and as Felix Oberholzer-Gee of Harvard Business School underlined, every year more and more works, previously performed by man, are made by machines. This does not mean, however, the loss of jobs, and the creation of new fields.
  5. Fintechs will not completely replace traditional banks, but the latter will have to change the way of reaching the customer and start cooperating more and more with online financial platforms.
  6. The 4th industrial revolution became a fact. It means experience and knowledge in one service. This product creates IoT or AI. The 4th revolution is a representation through digitization (digital twin). Aleksander Poniewierski EY argues that to understand the Fourth Revolution, the motivation of the Z generation should be well understood. Answer the question - what makes them create and act?
  7. We are exposed to more and more attacks from cybercriminals. The company's security should be one of the priorities in management. However, as Kevin Mitnick put it, the biggest threat is not technology but people in the organization. That is why the right training policy in the company is so important.
  8. Modern medicine, thanks to the use of modern technologies, gives hope to people who until now, by their diseases or limitations, were not able to function normally. Already, there are such things as nanorobots destroying cancer cells, "innervated" prostheses, and people paralyzed due to a stroke, after proper stimulation of the brain, can start walking.

About the Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference

Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS is an event where trends in the global market are discussed. During the meeting, world-class experts talked about how the modern world of finance, media, new technologies, medicine and health will change and what the world will be living in the years to come. INSIDE TRENDS is one of the most important events regarding business trends in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The Business Insider INSIDE TRENDS conference was attended by over 1,400 people from the world of business, marketing, science and the media who had the chance to meet in one place and exchange experiences.

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