Football Meets Blockchain: FC Barcelona Legends Launch Blockchain-Powered Social Network

FC Barcelona legends and now co-founders Carles Puyol and Andrés Iniesta, alongside Iván de la Peña, announced the international launch of Olyseum, a blockchain powered social network for sports lovers. The Management Team which includes CEO Carlos Grenoir and Chief Security Officer Kevin Mitnick were also at the launch.

Social network for meaningful relationship with fans

Olyseum was created out of a collective desire among Puyol, Iniesta, and Peña to form a closer, more meaningful association with their fanbase. In 2016, on its initial launch in Spanish, Olyseum was the most downloaded sports app from the App Store in six countries.

Expecting to officially launch the blockchain-powered app later in 2018, Olyseum will test the network among fans throughout the FIFA World Cup that kicks off today.

One could think and question the real difference for this app from the 2016 version of the app. Well Olyseum, would be backed by blockchain this time as it plans to reward its users for their contributions to the community. The rewards will be given away based on smart contracts, which is backed by a Blockchain. They plan to reward their fans with special merchandise, VIP tickets, and unique experiences with idols etc.

Speaking at the app’s launch, which was positioned to match with the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup, Puyol said

“Throughout my career with FC Barcelona, I’ve had the unwavering support of millions of fans worldwide. With the desire to expand the limits of real and genuine participation of fans, Andrés, Iván and I joined together to create a collaborative space for lovers of this beautiful sport and interact with users moved by the same feeling.”

Strong and confident management

Olyseum’s CEO Carlos Grenoir holds a master’s degree in Information Security and Neuroscience and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Telecommunications. He also created Quantum Fields Technologies, which specialized in security projects, research and development in AI, and intelligent social networks.

At the launch event of the app, he was quoted saying

“For too long, there has been a disconnect between idols and their fans, limiting the quality of fan-idol engagement. Olyseum is here to bridge that gap, creating a social network that empowers the individual, and most importantly, rewards their participation.  When Carles, Andrés, and Iván came to me with the shared problem of limited fan engagement, I felt compelled to deploy my knowledge and skills to help create a solution.”

On the timing of the launch, Grenoir mentioned

“The World Cup brings impassioned fans together from around the world, all speaking the same international language of football and we look forward to testing our network among the international football community in the coming weeks. The values of inclusion and collaboration are intrinsically linked to our platform, which will be underpinned by blockchain technology. We firmly believe that fans deserve to share the success of their idols, and now there is a platform that supports this vision. We are honored to be the enablers of dreams, bringing fans and idols closer together.”

Will blockchain technology and apps like Olyseum change the way the stars connect to the fanbase? Do let us know your views on the same.

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